Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Would you wear these?"

Location: Walgreen Pittsburgh, Pa
Individuals: Hannah Nitz, Megan Hargraves and myself

The scene:
While waiting for our table to open up at BRGR, we walked into Walgreen. Why not shop of course? We went through wanting to dye someones hair, to wanting to buy packages material for mailing something to Hannah looking at us and saying.. "If I buy these would you wear them? All night?" I looked at her hand, looked at Megan, then back to her hand. I literally had to think this out. What was going through my mind. "Anna, you live here now. What if you see someone? Who would you see? Who cares? But seriously... what would they think?"

Well... the eyelashes won and you wouldn't even believe the chuckles and giggles and awesome's we received from those little pink eyelashes.

If you ever have the opportunity to wear some pink lashes... you should try.

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