Friday, June 3, 2011


He will probably kill me if he ever read this, but I don't actually care.

My dear friend Joel aka Beatle is coming to see my city this weekend. The best part, is that in just a few short months he will be starting his year in Pittsburgh with PULSE! Wooohoo! I can't wait.
He will be jumping on the "I'mfromOhioandI'mnotaSteelersfanbutilovethiscity" bandwagon, well... he better.

BUT anyway.... I'm dragging him to so many different things this weekend, he might not want to move here.

So Beatle, be ready to walk your little feet off and thanks for driving out to see me.


ps. His nickname is one I made up and probably the only person that refers to him by. He LOVES The Beatles and looked like a Beatle for the first few months that I knew him.... so obviously that is where it came from.

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