Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow

It is a funny thing to go to bed with very little snow on the ground and then to wake up with a nice blanket covering the campus. That is exactly what happened this morning. My original routine of looking out the window was stunned to see approximately 10 inches of snow covering the walk way. I was even able to witness someone attempting to ski their way into class. I couldn't help myself and just started laughing, laughing so hard.
The next step for my morning routine was to check the news on tv, just to see how bad this weather was actually going to be as well as jump online to check for class cancellations. After not receiving any emails it was my next stop to hike on the boots and bundle up for the short snowy walk. After a few close calls and a friend of mine actually falling we made our way into Centenial, the main building, with just a few laughs. As we made our way up the stairs there was a clear sign posted, NO CLASS for my 9 and 10 o'clock. SHOOT DANG!! No class!! What a great feeling. ;)

So, for my schedule today, I am embracing the snow while taking a nap, doing some homework, and catching up on all the busy work that I have put off. I do have a night class at 6.30, but I am secretly hoping that the snow keeps that class away too. ;)

Bluffton looks beautiful with the snow, it makes me think of Christmas. The one thing that I will say about it is that a lot of times we seem to have a bit of a rough time making it from one place to the next with out a minor fall or our socks wet. The walk ways are the best, but we seems to know how to make due.

While I sit with my tea and blanket, I begin to think about Spring and the flowers. I can not wait to see flowers! :)

Enjoy the snow. Stay warm.
Blessings of Peace.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday Maddness

It seems as if the weeks seem to just fly by. This coming Sunday is Feb. 1st. WHAT!? I have officially been at Bluffton for what is now my 4th week. I has been strange, (please note the previous posts) but it has also taught me a lot. I am taking my education more seriously, I am taking my relationships to heart (although that is a process intself). I have taken this beautiful place for granted the last 2.5 years and now I need to make up for it.

Monday monday monday. I knew that this week was going to be tough. I have a lot of things on my plate right now and I'm trying to find time to fit things, people and life in. I woke up yesterday with my todo list in hand.
1. Wake up. ;)
2. Class
3. Work
4. Meeting
5. Work
6. Meeting
7. Forum run through
--that didn't seem bad, until in between each one you add lunch, dinner, homework and travel time. A busy day indeed.
Throughout the day yesterday, I just kept reminding myself that it is better to keep going and then catch up later. I wonder if that is REALLY true, or if I was just trying to fool myself. During the day I was fine with it, but when it came to getting ready for bed, I still had to do the "catch up". That I did NOT like. What I need to do is work ahead. The thought of that just seems daunting, but also worth the extra few hours of sleep.

As I was catching up on work for today late last night, I received a text message from my best friend back home. She is 9 months pregnant and went into labor. Shoot. It was such exciting news!!

That was soon added to the todo list for the next day. :)

My days seem to just run right into the next around here. I'm not quite sure why or even how. I feel as if I wake up in the morning with a purpose, but fall asleep with clueless thoughts. Hmmm.
My day today started off with a new "niece" and a really interesting class lecture. Apart from presenting in forum, in front of the faculty and staff, and finding a time to drive home, the day once again has come to an end. Strange. My week is already half way through and it seemed to just begin.

Bluffton seems to have that effect on me... taking my breath away at the strangest of moments.

Blessings of Peace.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What a day.

I have had the privilege to be a member of a music Ministry team on campus. Shining Through. In previous posts, I have talked about being in a leadership position in Shining Through, I have talked about the people and the idea of what we actually go out and do.

This year, I do not hold the student leader position because I was away for a semester. I am VERY ok with that (due to all the hard work), but it is very strange to step back into the group and not have to worry about what needs to happen, who I need to call or what is best for the group. It is a relief actually. Last night we had Shining Through practice and I actually was thrilled to not have to deal with the music, and I was more happy just to stand and sing. What a strange shift in my life.
I have been having many of those "strange shifts" all around. For example..
-Walking in the snow and ice, instead of the rain.
-coming back to a residence hall (with a roommate), instead of my house in Derry with a housemate.
-struggling my way back through the millions of books to read, instead of struggling to understand what professors are saying.
-not drinking tea all the time (i miss this)
-seeing the same 15 faces EVERYDAY. ( i miss that too.)

There are so many different things I have come to love at Bluffton. It has been a place of so many memories and stories that I will have forever, but it is also difficult to jump back into the scheme of things with the busyness all around you.

I have been struggling with trying to find what role I am fitting into, similar to the Shining Through experience. What do I do? Things are the same, but is it better for me to ignore the change, or do I buckle up and enjoy the new experiences? Of course the last one sounds better, but what if I dont really want too??

These are the things going through my mind on campus today. Everything isnt perfect, but finding where I seem to fit back at Bluffton is key.

It is actually beautiful out today! The sun is shining and it feels like a heat wave. ;)
Enjoy the weekend.
Blessings of Peace


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday nights

So I have been writing these blogs for the past 2 years. It has been really exciting to talk about my life at Bluffton and everything that it has to offer. I do have one worry though, it is that I am afraid I am writing about the same things year after year. For example, my friends, Shining Through, MCB events, and the regular weekend things.

Today my post is actually going to focus more on academics. Sure Bluffton has incredible things to offer in extracurricular things but what about academics?
I am a 3rd year Social Work Major and a Peace and Conflict Studies Minor. What can I do with those 2 things?? Good Question> :)
I arrived at Bluffton 2 1/2 years ago without a major.

1st Rule of thumb: You do not have to come into Bluffton with a Major ready. You can take General education classes to figure things out. I came in an undecided major and didn't declare Social Work until Fall of my Sophomore year. Sure, it doesn't work like that for everyone, but don't forget that you can actually stop and take some classes that you might just be interested in. :)

After declaring, you can meet with an advisor from your field and they will help you with everything that you need; from classes to where to go. Usually advisors are a huge help.

From there you just go with the flow. Take classes, involve yourself with other things on campus, make friends. Easy Peazy.

Just the other day, I had to actually be accepted into the social work program. See due to the fact that our social work program is accredited I needed to declare as well as actually interview and be accepted by the head chairs. It was a small interview with the professors just stating what I can actually do better, what I am excelling in. It was actually a great point in the semester to stop and evaluate myself. I am really excited to stop and jump back into the workings of Social work. My field is very broad in the sense that I can leave and do many different things with it. I could jump straight into grad school, I could start a job, I can do so many incredible things with the major. I am really excited to be able to take the time to learn such a interesting perspective on things.

The academics at Bluffton seem to be just another step on the Bluffton Campus. People care here and will always seem to make or break an experience.

If you have questions on anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Blessings of Peace

Friday, January 16, 2009

And so it begins.... again

Good Morning
Well, the time of separation is over. I have finally stepped foot back onto Bluffton's campus with much more than Christmas Break to chat about. It makes me laugh a bit to stop and realize that the last time I logged onto this account, I was sitting in another bedroom in my home in Londonderry/ Derry, Northern Ireland. I was happy there. I was running around the city, from placements to class to dinner parties, only to come home to a warm fireplace. It was very much worth the struggle and anxiety of making it the whole semester away.
This past semester has done many things for me....
-1. I have come out with 15 new/close friends.
-2. I know I can make my own dinner. ;)
-3. I have seen the world.
-4. But most of all, I have become a stronger person.

Last Sunday, I packed up my things and refused to get into my car. At this point in time I didn't realize that I was having reverse culture shock, but I will tell you one thing... it was HORRIBLE. For the first time in my life, I was nervous to come back to Bluffton.

The past 2 weeks I have been in a struggle with fitting back into the smallness of Bluffton. Do not get me wrong, it was one of the reasons that I chose to come here, but coming back into this place is more of a challenge than I'd expected.
Things are off to a start though, classes are all in a row and homework is plentiful. It makes me laugh looking back on my incredible semester and wishing I was back in the land of green hills and tea. That semester has forever changed my outlook on life, and will forever be my love and home.
I am excited to blog about the struggles of this semester and everything that we have in store for us..! Stay tuned.

Blessings of Peace.