Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 years old going on 20

Tomorrow is a big day.

5 years ago (in about 5 hours to be exact) my best friends husband called my cell phone at 2 am. It woke up my sleeping sister, my worn out college final taking body and my parents. The ring tone that I set specifically for this moment went off. It was similar to a lullaby, but I knew what it meant. My sleepy body instantly got excited and I answered with anticipation. Vinnie sounded exhausted, but said, "her contractions started, but we're just going to wait it out at home for awhile. We want her to be comfortable while she can. I'll call you when we head to the hospital." I think this was the one time that I've run into my parents bedroom at 2 am and screamed, we're having a baby!!!

Please take note, "we" actually stands for my beautiful best friend and her husband. They were having a baby girl. It was during my winter break my freshman year of college. I was so pumped to be a Tia.

A few hours later I got the call that we were moving to the hospital and that I was to come when I could. At 7am, Bucket and I jumped in the car and drove to the hospital where my Jamie was. She looked tired, excited, and in pain, but seemed to be in good spirits. It wasn't too much longer, after a little bit of pain meds, when we were told to go wait in the hall. I can't tell you how excited we were.... we waited, paced, and finally heard a little cry from inside that room. Mia Lynn Bocardo. My beautiful Mia. She came into this world sharing her emotions with that voice and continues to do it to this day. (however, she has a little more sass now.)

I can't believe that she is turning 5 tomorrow.

That seems too old. I still want to be able to pick her up when she cries, yell at the kids that will be mean to her, and secretly give her treats when she isn't supposed to have them... but let's be honest, I will forever do all of those things as long as she lets me.

My Mia, here's to you. 5 going on 20. Stop growing up and if you wont do that, always let Tia wipe away your tears.

Happy Birthday baby.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two friends, different countries, and peppermint mocha

One of my dear friends writes a blog.

The Peppermint Mocha Chronicles

~ Experiencing the joys of cup at a time.

One of my dear friends, lives in South Korea.

One day they met up via Skype and had a date. I am super uber jealous of this date, but I love reading about it. :)

Date with Nate.

Monday, December 5, 2011

"She wears a scarf and a smile ...

Some people say we have a strange relationship. I usually talk to my mom in some way or form every day, whether it's through text, a phone call, or email. I've grown up watching her bake in the kitchen, I've sat next to her in the lawn chair while we soak up that beautiful thing called sunshine. We've laughed till we cried and cried till we laugh. I will call her if I dont know the answer and I usually will get a "like" on anything facebook related... (she tends to be a stalker)

Recently my twitter feed has been blown up with this thing called a #ViciousPacman - Friends have asked what it is, others knew and have been an incredible support. In May, mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (or the BC as we call it in our house.) We immediately, or as immediate as it could be, had a plan and had to wait. I can tell you, the waiting game is the worst game ever, but we made it through part of the storm. After rounds of tears, some laughter, a ton of support, a wedding, and chemo we are onto the next step.

Radiation. Today, mom started radiation. One down, Thirty two to go, was what she said to me on the phone tonight. :) 32 to go.

BUT, as frustrating and scary things have been these past few months, some incredible things have happened too. We've had flowers, cards, emails, pre-made dinners, and tons of friends drop by the house as continued support. Unfortunately, with the sisters and I living a few states and towns away we haven't been able to witness it all, but having my mom call and say, "you wont believe..." on the phone, I can feel the love through her voice.

Tonight, after our usual discussion, mom decided to bring up that she got a letter from the hospital where she works today. She tried to remember most of what it said, but the gist of it basically said, "Sandy, there is a fund at the hospital in which employees can nominate or try to help one another out when they are going through something personal. Your coworkers have come together and we are going to support you in this way." This isn't the first time that my mother's coworkers have done something like this over the past few months, but every time something like this happens, my mother is in awe. I can usually hear a few tears in her voice and usually begin to choke up as well.

The best part of the entire letter was the description of my mother from the individuals at work...

"she wears a scarf and a smile and makes sure everyone else is taken care of before herself, so Sandy, take some time for yourself."

Thanks Firelands Dialysis Unit for loving my mom so much. We couldn't have made it to this point without you.
1 down, 32 to go.