Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finding Strength

What is strength? Lifting 100 lbs? Willpower? Having the courage to stand up to people? Or providing positive energy to get through the day?

I believe that strength is seen a lot of ways from physically to mentally, but this past week I've experienced it in incredible ways. (You should know, this is not in anyway accurate information. This is just how I see strength in individuals.)

A few examples....

1. I have this incredible friend named Kelly Tobias. Remember that name... she is a rockstar. Literally... Kel is the singer in the band Big Hurry, a local band in Pittsburgh. Kelly pulls me through each week at work with her dedication to UP and with her love for me. This past week, during our workday Kelly and I had to go borrow some tables from a local community center. Kel was in a skirt and wedges but offered to go help anyway. It was literally 98 degrees out and we carried those stupid tables back and forth to the van until we almost passed out. That amazing woman is freaking STRONG. Physical Strength.

2. My housemate Abbi was in a fender bender this morning. It wasn't her fault but was verbally abused by the other driver. Ab was able to calm herself, grab the needed information and drive her baby truck back to the house where she gave a sigh of relief and possibly a few tears. I talked to Ab tonight and told her she was allowed to be angry, sad, frustrated and become an emotional wreck for a bit. Car accidents are scary things, but she also should believe in and stand up for herself. She pulled out her EMOTIONAL STRENGTH.

3. An anonymous individual that has continued to provide strength to more than just themselves, but the people around them. POSITIVE STRENGTH.

Sometime this week, when my work seems to be getting the best of me, or when my body is exhausted, I'll probably think of these three people and their incredible selves and be able to get through the day.


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Hannah said...

You have quite a strength yourself love