Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 Weeks Left!?

Wow. So it seems as if I havent blogged in a LONG time. Since then, I have had A LOT of turkey, family time, and papers. HMM... I believe that it means we are getting close to the end of the semester. HOW CRAZY! It seemed like just yesterday it was 80 degrees outside with air conditioning in the building and now it is 30 degrees with... well STILL air conditioning in the building. Here in Riley Court we are sleeping in hoodies, sweatpants and socks because it is so cold. But anyway....
It blows my mind that we have less than 3 weeks left of a semester. It is so fun in Bluffton when Christmas comes. Downtown there is what is called the "Blaze of Lights". It is a reason for people to decorate their houses in a TON of Christmas lights. I plan on going uptown sometime soon with the girls. It will be a great time for some hot chocolate, gloves, hats, and scarfs. My thing is that I hate being cold, but love winter. (is that even possible) I love seeing the 4 ft. Christmas trees in residence halls and lights drapping from the beds. People come in from shopping with bags and smiles. In Riley Court we are collecting canned foods for a charity. Winter is such a great time for caring.

As I look outside there isnt any snow, but there will be soon, so i wont wish for it. Next week Megan comes back from Northern Ireland, and I can't wait to talk to her. It is going to be such a great day to see her!

So after Thanksgiving things seem to fly by very quickly. Tomorrow is already Thursday and then Friday will be December. Christmas parties are going on, people are reading advent devotionals, people are just getting into the Christmas spirit. One of my favorite times is when I walk into the hall and hear Christmas music playing. It brightens my entire day. So as you go outside and feel the cold or the next time you bundle up in your coat and scarf remember the greatness of winter and the Christmas season.

Stay Warm! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


hello. :)
Today is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. What a weekend!! It seems as if everytime I blog, I write about weekend activities, but the weekends on campus are usually some of the best times ever. So of course I plan on sharing them with you! :)
This past Friday was one of the yummiest (is that a word?) Friday's ever!! Being the week before Thanksgiving, our Residence Hall, Riley Court, had a Thanksgiving meal. It was everything that Thanksgiving is known for. The Turkey, Mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, laughter, tv, pictures and whipped cream tosses. What a night. We even went into the "turkey coma" after eating, but that wasnt it... After eating together some of us went to MAD (marbeck after dark) and played eucher. MCB was holding a tournament and some of us needed to go and make sure there wasnt any cheating and also just to have some fun on a Friday Night. Soon after the tournament, I called it a night because the Big Game was the next day.

A day that I look forward to every year. This year, Hannah and I meet two of our friends (Phil and Zach) and watched the Game. It was a sweet victory for the Buckeyes!! We ate some good food, yelled and cheered at the TV. The day went by quickly after that. We were able to finish up some homework and eat leftover turkey. The weekend in general was wonderful.
Today, is the LDP (leadership developmental program) annual Christmas/ Thanksgiving dinner. Students involved in this get to mingle with each other and eat some really good food. It is a peaceful time before break.
Along with that, Midnight Maddness is also happening tonight. It is when the basketball teams are introduced and MCB gives away free things. Always a positive things for students!
Monday night I am leaving for Home! :) So this week is going to go very quickly! I am so excited and can not wait!!!

So find things that you are thankful for. Like MCB, my floormates, Ohio State! :) and of course family!
Enjoy the food and family! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Shining Through

So, I am involved in this Music Ministry Group called Shining Through. Many of you may already know this because I tend to talk about it all the time. It is something that I love with my whole heart. It is a time to stop and worship my wonderful God with a group of people, whom I love. Well this past Wednesday was our very first "time of worship." We usually travel in the Spring on the weekends to Churches around the area and in other states, but our first one is always in November. We travel to the Marion Correctional Instution. At a first glance, many people can feel uncomfortable because of course we are going to a jail. But this experience changes lives. It is a time where we stop and look at our lives and re-evaluate them in the sense of loving our God. We first go in and walk through a metal detector and sign in. Then we get ready to perform worship.
It is very intense walking up infront of 100-120 men, whom are in a prison for different things, but are are able to see how God can work with these people.
Grown men fall apart when worshiping and stand up and praise the Lord. This is an oppourtunity of a lifetime and I am so blessed that I get to be a part of it.
This group actually brings people together in a form of worship.

Our Religious Life in Bluffton is actually something to look forward to. There are so many things to be involved in on Campus and the Religious Life is a great one.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Mondays

There are times when the weekends go by so quickly you cannot believe that it is already Monday?! This weekend... well, was not really one of them. This past weekend I worked at the front desk in Marbeck for most of the weekend. It was a long 17 hours, but I did get some things accomplished. They good part of the weekend was Sunday. I was able to wake up in my room, and sit in my pj's for a while. Every Sunday at home, my mom makes breakfast. So I decide to do that. mmmmm. Pancakes and coffee!! :) My dearest friend Becca was also here this weekend, so we spent the morning together eating and laughing. After that we worked on homework and decided to make cookies, dinner, and a cake, while dancing to some music. This weekend was a time to accomplish some things.
After laughing a lot and making people happy by baking for them, we relaxed to some good old tv. Every Sunday it is a bit of a tradition getting together to watch Brother's and Sister's. I recomend this tv show!! It is wonderful. I almost always leave with tears in my eyes! After a long Saturday at work, having this Sunday was wonderful!
Then comes Monday. Back to classes this week as well as scheduling for classes for next semester. This happens the same time every year. You are allowed to register for classes at 7a.m and people actually do. Seniors get the first day and then Juniors and then down the line. My register day is on Wednesday. You need to get up early to get into classes. It's a crazy world sometimes when it comes down to graduating on time and getting the specific classes... ;)
This week is the last full week before Thanksgiving. I cannot believe it. Next week at this time, I will be at home with my parents and sisters! :)
Then when we come back we have two full weeks for class then finals. This year is going by so quickly. It is unbelievable.
So enjoy the time that seems to fly.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great News!!

So this past week went by very quickly. It was one of those times when you feel as if Monday was so long ago. Well, this was fast and wonderful! :) This is because I realized that Thanksgiving Break is only 10 days away. Crazy right?! There are things you look forward to when being in College. One of them happen to be breaks!! Days during the week where you can go home, or stay on campus with friends. This break I of course am going home! :) My sisters will be there and it will be my last one for two years!--That's right!! I applied for the Northern Ireland Program next year and got accepted!! :)

I was so excited. This is going to be an oppourtunity of a life time! Of course there are going to definately be struggles. Being away from home, missing Thanksgiving, finding money to pay for it... these things are just minimal in my eyes right now!! This past week I have been on a mini-high from this!! It isnt until next fall, but it just seems so soon!!

Hannah (bestest) was not thrilled that I wanted to apply. It meant that we wouldnt see each other for a semester. This is going to be one of the biggest struggles that I will probably face. But me being in Northern Ireland is only half of it. She is actually applying for a semester in Colorado. This will be at Focus on the Family. She will be learning about family issues and all about the religious aspect. This is something that she is looking forward to! She is going to rock it! So... instead of just being 5 hours away.. we will be around 7?? i'm not actually sure- but it is going to be hard.
Here is the other thing. My roommate this year (Ashley) is staying at Bluffton. So she will be here without Hannah or myself. It is going to be a large struggle, but the "trio" can do it.
There will definately be long emails and maybe phone calls, but I think it will actually make us all stronger!

I am so EXCITED!! Northern Ireland... :)


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Best Weekend Ever! :)

Well, I know it has been a while, but have you ever just gotten so caught up in everything you dont realize what day is which? This was one of those weeks. Last Thursday I was preparing so much to go home for a wedding it just flew by and is already Thursday again. I will do a run through of the wonderful weekend that I was able to enjoy on and off campus.
Friday morning, one of my main classes was cancelled which allowed for me to go home early. I have yet to be home for an actual weekend so this was going to be wonderful! :) I drove home to suprise my Best Friend because she was the one getting married. So all of Friday I was helping the "bride to be" get ready. After seeing her for 3 hours, I needed to get ready as well. Spending time with my mom was what I needed on Friday. We drove to the wedding and got to have mother/daughter time. :) After the wedding was over and the pictures were taken, I was able to sit down with old friends and catch up. Sometimes I dislike doing this, because they are always the same questions... What are you doing? Where are you going to school? What is your major? All of these questions get very repetative after a while, but it wasnt this time. I was able to look at my high school friends and talk about what I will be doing, or what is happening in life. This was so important to me because it allowed for the bonds that we had a while ago, reform a bit. Thank you for friends! :)
On Saturday was the reception. This wasnt until later in the night, so I once again spent my morning with my mom and dad. We actually went to pick out a Christmas Tree to tag. (i know. i know. it's a bit early) The reception was a lot of fun, and seeing my best friend happy was worth it! :)

Sunday morning I left for school, because I needed to be back by 10:15. MCB was taking a trip to a Cleveland Browns Game! :) How awesome!!! We stopped to eat at Hannah's house (my best friend at school, not the married one :) ) Her family took in 30 college students and fed us an amazing meal. After that we hung around and played so football in the yard, until it was game time!!!!
Going to Cleveland is very much a culture shock for me. I am not used to going to a city and walking between thousands of Browns fans barking. It was one of the scariest/coolest experiences ever! :)
As many of you SHOULD know, the Browns won in overtime agains the Seahawks. It was one of the best games ever!!

After a long van ride back-(in the best van ever) I was able to walk into my room to end the best weekend ever! :)
When being on campus, make sure to make use of the oppourtunities given to you. They can be really great! :)