Monday, June 27, 2011

Hours and hours.

I sometimes sit at my computer and scroll through the many blogs I have connected to my Google Reader. This beautiful feature (thanks Google) allows me to basically create my own newspaper. I follow friends blogs, cooking/baking/anything dealing with delicious food blogs, CNN, BBC, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and different wedding blogs that have sparked my attention thanks to my dear dear sister and her wedding planning.

But one of my all time favorite websites is one where individuals from all over can join in what looks to me like a community and exchange, drool over, and find new recipes. Tasty Kitchen. I click on this website everyday to see the new posts, dream of what I will one day be able to make, and add things to my "recipe box". One day, I will post a recipe.... I just need to pick the right one.

Any suggestions? Should I break into grandma's Chex mix recipe, or mom's sugar cookies, or create a spin on the very popular cakeballs? So many decisions...
Until then, I will continue to drool away.

Happy Monday-


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