Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thanks Daddy

Ok- So this post is going to be a BIG thank you to my dad. For many reasons. If you've not met my father before... he's kinda a big deal. Well-- he probably doesn't think so, but after this post he totally is.

So I went back to good ol' Clyde Ohio this weekend with my planner jammed packed full of things. I saw old friends, met new ones, went to a Bridal Shower, wedding, and tried on my mother's wedding dress. Yes--- that actually happened. She had it in her head that since we decided to go dress shopping for my oldest sister Molly we needed to bust open her dress that was sealed for 30 years. Dang. ANYWAY.... it was lovely and my weekend was fantastic, but as I packed up the car to drive the 3.5 hours back to Pittsburgh, I was exhausted. Dead tired. But my parents were fantastic people and allowed for me to bring the minivan back one more time (basically so the next time they didn't have to waste 6 hours coming to get me), so I needed to drive my sorry butt back.

Well-- it was about 2 hours in and my ipod started to die and the PA state line seemed like ti was forever away. Truly. I then started thinking about how every road trip was like this when we were younger. Dad would wake up early, pile us in the car and take off for our next adventure. The parents would trade back and forth on the driving, but most of the time dad did a lot of it. The first leg of the 8 hour WVa trips, the drive to Florida, staying up through BOTH movies at the drive in while we all pass out in the back and then he will do the drive at 2am back home.

So Daddy--- here's to you and your sweet skills at staying up through all the long drives growing up. It will be something that I hope gets easier with age, but somehow I don't think it will.

Happy June-

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