Monday, November 30, 2009

10 days and counting....

So here we are.
Down to the final countdown of classes left in the semester and I can count them on both hands. 10. 10 days left. Don't forget though, this is without finals week. The only crazy part about this is that within the next 10 days of class I have approximately 7 projects/papers to finish. 7. Wow. I am going to be crazy busy within the next few days, but when I turn in that last one it will feel like heaven.
Thanksgiving break was incredible and very much needed, but now I must get down to work with classes and finish out this semester strong (hopefully).

There comes a time when you get burnt out at school work, trust me, going on my 4th year of a fall semester, I know what its like. I also know that the semester will end, and then a new one will start. It will be worth it to hold strong. ;)

Today, my social work professor said that in the next few months I will soon be a Social Worker. One more semester is what is left between me and my diploma. What a strange feeling, but an exciting one in the mix too.

I hope that you are beginning to feel a little bit of the Christmas spirit. I know that Bluffton is beginning the decoration process. :)
Blessings of Peace,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Interesting things....

Hello all,
I hope that you are having a restful thanksgiving break from school, work, or just anything. My break has been quite eventful. It is always good to go home and rest, but sometimes in College, school work comes before rest.... even during a break! I was online while sitting at home today and noticed that my roommate from last year, Lovely Maegan, wrote somehting on her facebook. Now if you don't have facebook it is a good thing to get when coming to college. You can meet new people at school, but also stay in contact with old friends. A very good connecting place. Well Maegan posted something tonight that I want to post on here for any of you that might be thinking about coming to Bluffton. (She knows that I am taking it, and I thank her for this)
Here are some things from another students perspective of Bluffton!! :)
Random things I’ve learned at Bluffton, but not in the classroomShare

1. The dorm room walls are paper thin. You can pretty much hear everything your neighbors do. Kind of scary that other people can hear my conversations too…
2. Never buy your books in the book store. It’s basically like they’re stealing from you.
3. You really don’t need a car. I lasted two years without one.
4. I finally found out that the screeching sounds coming from the trees were not made by birds, but by squirrels.
5. When it rains, the Riley always seems to flood. Rain boots come in handy. Although, I’ve worn rain boots on days when it was supposed to rain but it didn’t. Therefore, I’ve looked like an idiot on more than one occasion.
6. Whenever I get tired of school, I want to go on a break, but after a few days at home I want to come back.
7. It is embarrassing to fall on the ice, but pretty much everyone’s done it, so they can feel your pain.
8. It is inevitable that you run into your professors in town.
9. It used to be that when you dropped your tray in Marbeck and broke a glass, everyone clapped. Fortunately, I’ve never done it. And there are plastic cups now anyways.
10. Marbeck trays are pretty good for sledding. I’ve never tried it…*cough*
11. When someone gets in a relationship or engaged, the whole campus knows within a day. News spreads like wildfire.
12. Our football team might not be that good, but I still like to go to the games.
13. It’s common to find bikes in the Riley…and it’s never funny, just sad.
14. The art building becomes like a second home for art majors.
15. Unfortunately, there is little to do on the weekends. Options include: MCB events, The Shannon, hanging out in someone’s room, or homework. However, I’ve had some of the best nights of my life doing some of these things.
16. You find out quickly to stay far from Lincoln.
17. It doesn’t matter how self-confident you are, it’s just down-right scary to eat in Marbeck by yourself.
18. A game called "tennis ball golf" exists.
19. Registering for classes is a pain in the butt.
20. Good things come from getting out of your comfort zone.
21. You have to put forth the effort if you want to get something out of your experience.
22. People know your name, and you don’t know how.
23. They actually have a Wii sports class?
24. I can do what I want without asking my parents.
25. Some of the things I cherish most are the friends I’ve made and the memories that I’ve created with them :)

Blessings of Peace,
And a Happy Thanksgiving ( a few days late! )


Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Great.

Good Morning,
I hope that you've all had a restful nights sleep, if so, I am jealous. :)
Last night Shining Through, the music ministry team I've been talking about made our way to Marion Prison to worship and sing with the inmates. I loved this day. Everyone arrived on time to leave, pack up and drive about an hour away. We made our way through security with guitars, music stands, drum sticks and music and walked along the courtyard in a group. Security in this place is very strict, but so worth it. This is one of my favorite events of the entire year. Things went off without a hitch, we had a few minor oops, but I told Shining Through I would take a few oops any day if we always sang like that. Things went so well.... we "rocked for Jesus" as I told all of them to do last night before we sang. SO great.
One of my favorite things to do after we sing, is to watch how people interact. Up until this outing we have practiced a lot, but not necessarily socialized as much. People open up talking to different people, the vans get louder with people talking, and things just go so well. I love watching the interaction between this group. It is one in a million. ;)

After getting back last night, my roommate and best friend were sitting in my room just talking. We all got a phone call from an old friend who was coming to Bluffton for the evening and wanted to see us. We spent a lot of time catching up and talking about what he has been doing that we talked all the way till midnight. Hall hours are at midnight, so we said our goodbyes for now. It is always good to see how people are doing after graduating, it gives me a little hope to think that the world might not be sooo bad. ;)

There are a lot of events happening on campus this week and next. TONIGHT Ellery is coming to perform in Bob's place. Ellery is a music duo that seems to always make their way to Bluffton, and we love them. MCB is hosting this and they are having a hot chocolate bar that will include toppings and popcorn. What fun!! Friday there will be a Euchre tournament that will be taking place and then on Monday BINGO. A lot of events that are made for students to have things to do!!! :)

I hope that a lot of people find their way to some of these things, because they are always fun!! :)

I hope you have a blessed day,
Blessings of Peace,

MCB, Shining Through on tour, The Browns game with MCB, and Riley Court girls dressed up for the Christmas/Thanksgiving Dinner!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a few lasts....

Here we go again,
It is November 18th and I have absolutely no idea where the past 17 days went. It is a bit scary to wake up and realize that Thanksgiving break is in 1 week. Dont get me wrong, I am THRILLED for this break in the semester. What has been happening you ask??
Well, here is a bit of new news...

Sunday evening was the annual Midnight Madness that happens once a year on campus. It is supposed to symbolize the week that Basketball season begins. The student activities puts on this event and fills it with music, basketball events, the introduction of the teams (basketball, dance, and cheerleading) and a lot of cheering. MCB did a great job at this event this year> There were giveaways that included sweatbands, t shirts, door prizes: i pods, gift cards, fun nerf games, etc. It was a good event to go to.
Soon after that event Monday morning came along and I realized that it was the day to register for classes.... my last time to register. What a weird moment, logging on and picking the last batch of classes/internships to take for the next semester. I can't believe that I wont register for classes again at Bluffton. I have been having those strange moments happen a lot lately, stopping and remembering that this is my last year, last fall semester. CRAZY. I maybe shedding a few tears over that realization also, but I won't admit that out loud. :)
Tonight, Shining Through, a music ministry team, is taking our first road trip together. We are making our way to Marion Prison where we go and sing with the inmates. This is one of my favorite things that we do as a group all year. What a way to spend my Wednesday evening, in a prison singing. :)
This month there are alot of things happening on campus. We are having the annual LDP Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner on Sunday and I can't wait to post pictures.

That is all I have for today, and right now, but I can't wait to share about the experience of tonight with you.

Blessings of Peace,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Loving things in Bluffton....

I am hoping to have this be pictures of some of the things that happen in Bluffton....

From my BASIC group making "fall art" to the city of New York, there are a few pictures of what has been happening the past few weeks with my life on campus! :)
Enjoy the weather,
Blessings of Peace,


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Senior year.... really?

As many of you might already know I am a senior. Yes, that is correct. There are times within each week that I might question that statement, but apparently it is true. I officially received my "Anna, You're a senior, so you must fill all of this information out" paper in my mailbox. It is a bit intimidating, but I have to get over that fact, right??
This week has been a busy, stressful, frustrating week. Yes, we have those weeks as college students, sometimes I think I have multiple months in a row that are like that. Papers are due, tests approach fast than they were supposed to, interviews are set up for internships, resumes are to be edited and corrected. All of these things are happening this week, while I am trying my best to keep up. Today I am running on little sleep and a lot of coffee. What a feeling....
Sometimes I feel like I come to my blog with exhausting topics to inform all of you about, but the crazy thing is that I secretly love some of these crazy days. The studying and homework not so much, but laughing with my roommate as we watch the stress go from bad to worse in our room was one of the funniest things that could have happened yesterday, and today I secured my internship for next semester. What a feeling that was!!!

I made my way to downtown Lima this morning with directions and my resume in hand, searching frantically for this address. I made sure to leave 40 minutes early so I had time to redirect myself if I happened to get lost. I met with my field supervisor for next year and we both left the meeting very happy! I am thrilled at what will happen next semester and am even more excited that I have an internship to go to! :)

So busy days on campus aren't really that bad, they can just hit you at the wrong time and create some damage in ones mood.
I hope you have a blessed day, And Dan Stanowick (my boss) says hello.

Blessings of Peace,

Friday, November 6, 2009

a Weekend of things...

If you would come to visit Bluffton I would hope that it ends up being on a day when things are happening. Different student organization usually host a few activities throughout the semester. Some are large events while others can be small. This weekend I am very excited for an event that is happening on/off campus. Our FCS (Family and Consumer Science) student organization is putting on the CUP dinner. The benefits are going to a area group that needs donations. One of my close friends is a part of this and is encouraging as many people to go, but in general we will bring either a donation or canned goods and get dinner. I think that as a college student that is a pretty good bargain.

This week is filled with a lot of things on campus. We are hosting a conference for local Student Unions around the area. It is called ACUI (Association of College Unions International). Representatives from different Colleges/Universities come and learn about leadership, other student unions, ways to plan events, etc. This little campus of Bluffton is going to be packed with a lot of people. Going along with this there are going to be activities on Saturday for the conference members a maybe a few students.

I seem to have a busy week ahead of me a should probably use some of this weekend to catch up on some homework and such, but we will have to see about what happens!

Have the happiest of Fridays,
Blessings of Peace,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying to keep up....

Well I honestly cannot believe that it is already November. October went by so quickly that I am afraid to see what will happen with this month. ;) It is funny to try and keep up with everything. There are some weeks when you are so busy that it is hard to sleep and then there are others when there is free time galore. This week seems to be one with a little more free time, but because of that time, I will be busy next week. Do you see where the problem is?? :) I believe I am overworked. Last night I was with a few friends and one said, "I wonder what college without homework would be like... because apparently we don't know."
Along with being busy, I am planning for my LAST semester at Bluffton. Where that time went, I will never know. Being a Social Work Major, my last semester is spend out at an internship around the area. This past week, I set up my first interview with a placement in Lima. It is scheduled for next week, so I will keep you posted on everything that happens with that. Other than keeping myself busy, and juggling semester things, I am beginning my search for what to do after graduation. It is that time and I should begin looking. On campus there is a wonderful resource, Kathy Dickson. She is the director of the CDC, Career Development Center. This woman is incredible, and nice. I am going to be scheduling a time to meet with her to go over my resume and talk about opportunities for next year. She should have a lot of information. It seems silly to start this process in November, but like I've said in the past few posts, time is flying by and I should hopefully try to stay ahead of the game in something.
This past week, I returned from a conference in NYC with MCC and the UN. This trip had a few bumps, but was incredible. I hope to post pictures when my camera is fully charged, and actually in my possession. Maybe next time??!?!

I hope you enjoy the Sunshine that is just coming up today (if you are close to Bluffton)
Blessings of Peace,