Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What it's like...

College. Fun. Busy. Crazy. Entertaining. Stressful. Hard. Wonderful.
What else can I say? How else can you describe this time in your life when you have to take care of yourself for the first time?
There are so many times in the day when I wake up and it is so surreal. I'm not living at home, I'm not being cooked a dinner every night by my mother, and I'm not even mentioning my laundry! There are so many things to adjust to while you are away from home. It can be a time of worry, anxiety, nervousness, or even relief. The fact is that you need to look at this as another step to move in the right direction.

This past week, I walked into my lobby and saw a whirlwind of excitement. It was actually a mess, but a wonderful mess. There were blankets thrown around, books spread out and 4 girls curled under blankets with their laptops open. It was a sight to see. They were all studying for the upcoming week of classes and reading for quizzes. This was something that I was able to smile about, because these girls were getting things done and doing it together.
After joining them for a bit of time, I then headed to work in Marbeck. I am a Desk Manager and get to answer the phone calls that come in. It is some time that I am able to work on homework but also some time that I can watch people go back and forth from dinner to their mailboxes. I love my job, because you are able to keep up with what is happening on campus.
Bluffton is a place full of activities. This past weekend there was Winter Formal and swing dancing. The ministry team traveled to a town for some overnights and church in the morning. And on campus there was Sunday Morning Worship. Every weekend isn't like this, but many of them are. They are full of fun and activities and friends.
The main thing that is happening on campus is our Student Senate President Election. This isnt happening until February 26th, but the people running are getting out on campus and are getting their pitch out to people.

Our Student Govn't is very important on campus because they are able to make changes. They listen to students and try to fix some things for the campus. Some of the topics in this years running candidates include recycling, 24hour open space, printers in the residence halls, and just making progress.

Bluffton is a place of involvement. It might be scary trying to move away from home, but it can be so worth it.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

My weekend... unlike many others..

Happy Sunday. Wow! I can not believe that it is almost February. Time seems to go by so fast when you don't think about it. This topic seems to be brought up in a lot of my posts. I guess there are just days when I actually realize that what I am doing is actually progressing.. for example
I believe in the beginning of the year I would write about the beginning of Shining Through practice. Well.. now we are not into the beginning of practices anymore, but we will be and are traveling to churches already. This is a crucial part of second semester because it means that we are already more than half way done with a year of school. This thought also brings up the scary subject of the Seniors that are leaving. One semester done while another one is on it's fourth weeks seems crazy. Just an example of how fast things move.
Something that has been on my mind these past few days seems to be the lengthly homework that seemst to be given to us every week. Sure there will be quizes to take and some reading, but I was NOT expecting so much. Even though I am saying all of this does not mean I don't like college. I LOVE IT. It is a new experience that can't be taken lightly. It is a time where you need to rely on yourself to succeed. It is almost the best time because you create your own study habits, your friends, your work ethic. It is all based on how you work the best. College is a place where you can take classes that you are interested in, classes that you participate in, and classes where the reading can sometimes be fun.
The point I am trying to make is that when thinking about finding a College or University you always need to take into consideration the amount of work you will be putting in, it is part of the schooling, but also look at what will make it a comfortable setting FOR you to study and apply yourself. DON'T LET IT SCARE YOU!!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

High School

What is the difference in life at college compared to high school and how I've changed?
A lot.
If I would be able to sum up this entire blog with just two words they would be it. Even talking to a few friends who are in high school it is difficult for me to remember what it was like going to school from 8-3 and even having seven or periods in one day. High school is the phase of telling people where you are going, asking to use the restroom, having hall passes. College is very different. It is all about independence. I was just talking to a friend of mine on Friday about the first few weeks of class my Freshman year and we both started laughing. We were discussing one morning that we didn't attend the forum on a Tuesday and went shopping instead. Our classes were finished for the day and we had nothing the rest of the night. It was quite a shock just leaving after one of my classes. I actually felt like I needed to tell someone where I was going and what I had accomplished for the day. Looking back it is a bit silly in that way because I wouldn't even know who to tell if I was leaving. I just leave a message on my dry erase board and go.
College is a place to grow up. That is for sure. Whether it be just becoming a new person, actually doing your own laundry or waking up for class, it is all about independence.
I personally have changed quite a bit when coming to college. Of course there are the little things about doing laundry and cooking some food on the weekend, but most of all my outlook on life is different. The little things in life matter, but don't mean as much. I try not to worry about what my plans are or if something is going wrong. So much has happened that the little things to worry about shouldn't even matter. That is how i've grown. Other than in my spiritual sense I have changed in little ways that end up changing me as an entire person.
Life can be good as long as we make it good and enjoy it. :)


Saturday, January 19, 2008

the time away from school...

College. One word, so many opinions, so many types of views, so many choices. I went into my Senior Year of high school with so many unanswered questions. I had no idea where I was planning to go to college or even what I wanted to major in. It was something that many of my teachers were bringing up. They wanted to know, they wanted to tell stories of their college days... it was a whirlwind of excitement. The thing is... that you don't need to know everything about your college. You don't need to have a major. Everything does not have to be exact. One of the best things about the colleges that you may go to is that they usually answer every question that you have.
It is a terrifying process that you have to go through, I know... I have been there and it wasn't too hard. This is crazy to think about, I know. Planning what you will be doing the next four years of your life and studying something that is going to be a part of your career. It is difficult, but so is life. Nothing seems to be easy, but once you find the place you love and the college that suits every part of your being it is a relief. You have found the pure joy.
Bluffton has brought that joy to me. It is a place that allows for a wonderful education but also a place where I can worship, a place where I can sit in my room with friends. Bluffton was the place that I missed while I was at home. It is a place of friendship, laughter.
When finding a college, make sure that it fits you. Make sure that it is a place that you will love to come back to and hate to leave. It should be the place where you feel comfortable learning. There are so many opportunities out there. Take into consideration your hopes and dreams, and find a way to go for them. It is amazing at what can happen.

You may end up here at Bluffton wearing a jersey, supporting the Beavers, worshiping in Chapel, skipping on the sidewalks, studying in the tech center, or just sitting in Marbeck with your new friends. College is an important part of life, but finding one that fits you is what's important.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


All I can say is what a week. You would think that coming back to school would pull you back into the right direction?! Well, it seems to be pulling me back and forth. That is for sure. Have you ever felt like there may be a point in time when you are way too overcommitted? Well, I have reached and gone by that point in time. It is the second week of class and I am in a stage of not knowing what I am doing. I will give a run down of what has been going on.
I got back from a wonderful break only to jump into meetings, activities, reading, and classes. WOW! Everything seems to be hitting at one time with little time to breathe. And to top it off, I was sick last week. This was crazy. Trying to stay away from people and actually go to class with them is actually harder than it may seem. So now I am spending my nights reading and working and my mornings taking medicine to stay healthy. The worst part is that the weather is "officially" cold and I lost my gloves. Wow. That is all I can seem to say. My week can only get better.
So. Friday MAD had a lock in in Bobs. I know. That last lock in I was at was in 6th grade for D.A.R.E. This past weekend we watched The Office for the entire night. It is actually a hilarious show. I ended up only staying until 2:30 due to being sick. It was a lot of fun!
Saturday was my lazy/catch up/ lounge day. Being up so late I slept in on Saturday. I was able to find some extra minutes to shut my eyes! This allowed for a "happy Anna" the rest of the day. Watching America's Next Top Model and reading Humanities can actually cheer a girl up from being busy! ;)
On Sunday we had SMW. The best part of that was all of it. Hannah gave the message in SMW that morning and at one point made me tear up a bit.. (don't tell her) She was amazing. Her message was about Abraham and she couldn't have done a better job!
Well. My catch up time is about up. This week is going to be as busy as the last! I just hope that it gets a bit better! :)

Note to you: Stay calm during a busy week! and try and smile

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome back...

Wow. It has actually been a long time since I have logged into Blogger to talk about school that I don't even know where to begin.
Well, Finals weeks took its toll on me so going home for three weeks was well worth the wait. It was a time for family and friends. It was three weeks of nothing but home cooked meals, laughter and quality time. Something that I cherish so much! :) Winter break is actually one of the best things ever. This is because you have 3 weeks between the changing of classes so there isnt any homework, reading, or papers that have to be finished. You can sit at home twirling your thumbs if you want, but nothing is due!!
My Winter Break consisted of spending time with my older sisters. We are very close and try to stay in contact while we are all at school or work. We were able to go shopping together, watch movies, play games and just spend the days talking. I never realized how much I missed them until we spend time together. This was the highlight of my break.

So after the three weeks of home, it was time to pack up and move back to school. The good byes were hard, but I was excited to hear all about everyone else's breaks. Hannah went on a cruise, Mary traveled, and Ashley spent time with an Army friend ;), it was time for some girl talk.

Unpacking was a hassle, but worth it. Getting back to the routine of things is going to take some time, but will work itself out with time. The girls of Riley Court are busier than ever and are already staying up late to study, getting up early to work out, and finding time to just spend the day together. We are all jumping with two feet back into life at College and are loving every minute of it.
Classes are just beginning and I already have the ones that I like and the ones that seem to be a little tiring. The best part of having class is finding the people you know in classes. I am lucky to know at least one person in every class that I am taking. It can be a blessing and a stressing trying to find people in your class. I always give a sigh of relief when I see someone I know.

So After a WONDERFUL break, I am trying to jump back into the swing of everything. It is actually easier to come back than many think. There are activities to bring friends back together after break and also down time to just hang out. People say that College is one of the best times of your life... I believe it!