Thursday, March 26, 2009

A homecoming...

It has been very strange these past few months, coming home from Ireland and trying to fit within the Bluffton schedule again. There are so many stories that I have been able to talk to my Ireland group about, but they are some of the only people. It is a very interesting thing because we have a connection together that the others do not, as they have had a semester without me. I have gone through that the past few months, but the funnier thing of everything is when people from ireland come into my Bluffton home. Mervyn, the director of our program, is on campus for the past few days and it has been so GREAT to see him. I was able to sit and talk about how he is personally. It is hard to deal with the emotions that have been coming up through that time. All is well though, don't worry.

This morning I woke up for class at my regular time and made it with ease. The sun wasn't shining yet, but that came a bit later in the day. I love that it is warm enough to walk out without a coat and enjoy the fresh air. I am currently trying to figure out when I will be able finish all of my work and find time for the fresh air, but that doesn't matter right now. Summer is coming and the senior girls on my floor are realizing that things are coming to an end. They are making regular get together's more meaningful, and trying to figure out their next step. Just this past week I personally registered for the last fall semester of my college career. It is a strange feeling and brings on a bit of anxiety, but that will do.

I am making this post a bit shorter, and wanted to thank all of you for personally reading when you can.

Enjoy the end of March. It has come and gone quickly.
Blessings of Peace.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love is in the air...

It is so funny to think about how you can meet your soulmate at college. Many people joke about how you will be sitting next to your future spouse during your first day of First Year Seminar, or how within the first month you can meet, "the one" at Bluffton.
This weekend I am lucky in a way to be able to watch two incredible people from Bluffton say their wedding vows to each other. Scott and Mary, met my freshman year and have been together for 2 years now. Wow. They both graduated last year, but we have all still stayed in contact with each other. I am so excited to see old friends and spend the weekend dancing away with friends and the couple themselves.
I was just on the phone with Mary talking about how it is only a few days away, and she just sounds so excited. She is very excited to start the new chapter of her life with Scott and I am going to see it begin!! What an incredible thing.

Along with the wedding this weekend, there are so many other form of love going around. 3 couples just became engaged within the past month, and it seems like more are going to be coming. Love is just flying in the air, and many people are catching it.

Spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer. I love warm weather. People were outside playing tennis and sitting on blankets this afternoon while I was wasting away in class,(just kidding). It is hard to be inside when the weather is screaming for you to be outside. I cant wait for things to settle themselves down so I can enjoy the weather for once.
It is that point within the semester when everything is due and people are antsy. Only a few more weeks and then it is summer, I don't know what seems to scare me the most, finishing my junior year, or beginning my last "free" summer.

Enjoy March as it is coming to a close.
Blessings of Peace.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bluffton people

There are so many times throughout my day that I am able to say hello to so many different people. The interesting thing is that people in Bluffton are very different than people elsewhere. Whether it is a community member for a faculty, Bluffton people seem to be more compasionate.
For example: Yesterday one of my close friends finished his Senior Recital and I looked back in the recital hall and there were more than just students there. Marks professors were all there to support him througout his journey as well as former students that are now on staff. What an incredible thing. Mark did an amazing job at his recital too!! :)

Today I was working at a Social Work table during lunch, when professors were coming to eat. We are sponsoring an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes where we are to raise money for a crisis center in the area. (Within this story is a point, I swear) Some of the money is being donated through votes of who the students want to see wearing high heel shoes. I think to myself, "What professor would volunteer there feet for this walk?, Bluffton ones."

People in this village are some of the most incredible people that I will ever meet. They open their homes, cook dinner for students, and allow us to babysit their children.
One of the neatest things is that without those people Bluffton would not be the same. This place would not be thriving as it is.

After a busy weekend at home, I come back to campus with a bad case of "the weather changing cold" and people here are more than willing to take care of me. wow. what a feeling.

Blessings of health (and peace)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For granted

I take a lot of things for granted at Bluffton. The time with my friends, the education, the wonderful faculty and staff, but most of all the Beauty of it all. This campus takes my breath away. It is truly beautiful. I remember the first time that I stepped foot on campus. It was actually in June 2001. My oldest sister was taking her college visit and we stopped to walk around the beautiful place. It wasn't anything special, other than the place that took my sister away from my house, but soon took me too. :) And I'm still loving it today!

One of my most favorite things to do on campus is to walk on a sunny day when there is a breeze around the campus. I just did a mini walk this afternoon without a coat and loved the smell of fresh air and the sound of the baseball game in the background. It took me straight to Spring! What an incredible feeling! :) :)

Another thing that I did today, was have mini reunions. Sometimes life catches up with me at school and I take for granted my friends. I can be busy with one thing and then another and find myself bogged down with other things. Today I took time to renew those friendships and loved doing it. It was like I was supposed to put off doing homework for this afternoon and sit with my roommate and eat grapes with the windows open, or drive to findlay with the radio turned on and the breeze blowing talking about after next year with a friend. It is those moments that I can fall back in love with the campus that I first saw in 2001.

Spring is approching and we can all feel it on campus. Whether we are getting out of classes early or using ever moment we can to be outside, it is happening. :)

Renew friendshipa and find a mini reunion. They are incredible things! :)
Blessings of peace,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bowling, Cleveland, Shining Through

What to say about the past few weeks.. Other than the fact that I don't realize how quickly the month of March is going by, there have been a lot of different things happening within the room of 218.
On a regular Friday night at Bluffton the student planning group, MCB, usually has an event for us to go to. This past weekend was the Luau that was presented by PALS. This was a time of dancing, laughing, friends, and fun facts. PALS is an organization that encourages role model leaders on campus. Peer Awareness Leaders is an incredible group on campus that puts a point out to educate the students on campus about smart decisions, about safe issues. There are so many opportunities in and around campus that are available for students. This past Friday, I was able to drive to Ottawa and go bowling with a few friends before the dance. It was a time for us to get away from school, but also a time to just release energy that we have built up. It is so easy to get from one place to another. i forget that a lot of times.

On Saturday, my music ministry team had an overnight trip to Cleveland where we stopped at one of our owns home church to praise God! What an experience it is to sit and meet with people that you will maybe never meet again and talk about who you are and what you do. There is such an open community that follows Bluffton students in support of what we do. The entire state of Ohio seems to be behind young students in hope that they succeed and this weekend I was able to see that by going into a strangers home and being welcomed with food and shelter. I love going out with these people in this group and spending time worshiping as well as just having fellowship with all of them.
The hardest part of this weekend was coming back to my room and finding my homework piled high. Sometimes I forget that I need to focus on more than just my extra curricular but also the reason why I am actually at Bluffton, for my education.
This place is finally becoming home again after months away.
Through the struggles, fears as well as happiness and laughter!

Blessings of peace,