Friday, April 27, 2007

Cooking, best friend, fun?.. yes please!!

FINALS. A word that I will forever make a face at. It is finally the end of the year and it is time to study. But thinking about it.. finals week is also the best time of the year as well! You dont go to class and have at the most 2 finals a day. So you can basically study for 3 hours and then do whatever the rest of the day! For example today I woke up at 11:00 (ish) and then studied after lunch and now I am bored out of my mind. But it was a great day!!! There are very few times in which you can get enough down time. But when you do.. oh man it is amazing!!

Last night was the beginning of our last weekend. What to do?? hmmm well. Hannah and I decided to make our own dinner. We drove to Community Market and bought chicken, pasta, veggies and decided we deserved something other than Marbeck. It was a "date night" for best friends!! We laughed and danced and just sat down for some good girl time! This was a big relief and very stress-less. Which is a good thing when thinking about the week that I am about to endure! ;) After that we went downstairs in the lobby around 10 and watched some friends play trivial pursuit. This was the fastest game of trivial pursuit that i have ever seen. It was done in about an hour. Soon after we all just sat and played cards until around 2 am. It was a hard core game night! :) Such a good night to spend with friends! This weekend is almost over and exams are about to start. The ending outcome of this next week is going to be summer at home. Thinking about home I cant imagine 3 months without the people that I have lived with for the past 8 months. It is going to be an adjustment but it is going to be some good time to rest!!

There is a book that I got before graduation... it was called Oh the Places You'll Go-
Whenever things get stressful, i know what is going on in my brain. I just need to take a time to breath. The best thing is that Bluffton has given me a person to breath with. I have found my best friend here! This is the best feeling ever!

Well.. Finals.. here I come!~

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rain Rain... go away!! :)

Well. I sit in my room in between my classes on Wednesday and think to myself- School is almost over.!! WHAT?! I just got here. I just met new people and settled into my room and NOW i have to go back through and pick it all up??? Excuse me? Time goes by so quickly while being here all year. (that rhymes) hehe. I can remember the first night that I slept in my bed..and had an early morning fire alarm..(on accident), but anyway I just cant believe that school has come and gone so quickly! In this post.. i will reflect on what i love about this place..
The first time i stepped foot on this campus I fell in love. I fell in love with this place and all the beauty. I fell in love with my friends that I live with and fell in love with being a college student. This is basically the best thing that I could have ever done. This place has so many memories and life!! How can someone not love it?! Bluffton is filled with beauty and everytime I think about it I smile! :D

On the other note. School is almost ending which means seniors are graduating.. This also brings the thought of MayDay. A huge tradition at Bluffton that alllows for many different first year students to be May Pole Dancers. This year.. my best friend (who just got her hair cut, very very short) and I were chosen to be dancers! This is an honor for a lot of people. We basically just dance around a pole in colorful outfits but it is so much fun!! :D The picture is from last year.. but the costumes are the same!!

This week is so busy but eventful!! It has been such a great year.!
-God Bless-