Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shining Through

There have been plenty of posts where I mention the group Shining Through and how incredible they are. This post, I will actually go a little more in depth about them(us). Shining Through is a group of 20 students that come together 1 time a week and practice singing different songs. We are a group of 20 different...very different people that come together to worship. Practice usually last for about 1 1/2 hours and is filled with music. We have a piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums. So after one semester of practice we go out to different churches and hold a service that includes, testimonies from students and music. We do it for the congregation in hopes that they join in with us and a lot of times they do. :)
Last weekend, we had a service in West Liberty, Ohio and I think I got more joy out of singing with them then they might have. We have services that move my heart every time. It is a brilliant group to be a part of, and I am blessed by every person within the group!

Click. Submit. Send.
Those three particular things were very important to me on Wednesday night. I am looking into what to do after graduation and I know that the one thing that I want to do is Voluntary Service. It is a time for me to give back for a year and I think it is a great idea. Well, this past Wednesday I turned in my early deadline for an organization that I am applying for. It is called the PULSE program. It takes place in Pittsburgh PA, and is an 11 month program. I've heard about it from 2 of my dear friends (and past Shining Through-ers). I will copy the website, so if you are interested to read up about it, you can do so. :)

Life seems to be moving along. I can't believe that tomorrow is February and that I have been at my internship for 3 weeks now. I never expected time to fly so quickly, but it has....

I hope that you are staying busy and that you enjoy the sunshine that seems to be shining in my window this morning! :)

Blessings of peace,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Many things to be thankful for...

Today is my nieces 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Lete! :)
It is hard to believe that 1 year ago I was just getting back to Bluffton from Northern Ireland and not fitting back in. This little girls birth gave me hope for the rest of the year! Now its one year later and I can't believe that I have to leave this place soon. I am so grateful for my past years at Bluffton,(and I know this sounds corny) but I wouldn't change a lot. I've had my good days and bad days. I've found some of the greatest people in my life and I've shared incredible moments with them. I am so blessed.
Tonight I had the opportunity to eat away from campus for once. There is this incredible couple in Bluffton named Esther and Wendell and they are the two most incredible people I've ever met. They always open their home up for students to come and eat an incredible meal. Tonight I took my roommate from last year and we ate a LOT of food. From Mexican stuffed shells, to lemon fluff pie, with German chocolate coffee, this night was incredible. It is easy to sit down at the table with them and talk all about what we are doing. It is almost like we are home for a split second and our parents are asking us how our days went. Esther and Wendell are kind of like parents to 500 or so college students over the past 10 or so years. I am thankful for Esther and Wendell and their incredible hospitality.

This week has been a busy one, whether I am rushing from one meeting to another. There have definitely been times when I just want to sit down and not do anything, but having an internship doesn't allow that. There is something good that has happened the past few days, I have woken up to a beautiful sunrise every morning as I drive to Lima. Its more of a peaceful "good morning Anna, drive safely this morning." Or maybe that is how I take it! It makes me smile every time.... so I am also thankful for the morning sunshine! :)

I hope you find that you are thankful for little unexpected things this week.
Blessings of Peace,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grad School chats, chinese food, movies and more

This weekend was full of the "future". Ashley, Hannah, Megan and I have been busy the past 2 weeks finding out schedules and we have had a hard time finding time to hang out. Within the past few weeks a lot has happened, and its hard to not see your best friends as we have before. So, this weekend was devoted to catching up. We spend Friday night playing games and having fun. Saturday catching up on sleep and starting applications for grad schools, voluntary service and teaching positions. Saturday night was filled with Chinese food and a movie, and this afternoon was our apart day. It is strange to think that within the next 6 months one of us will be married, one of us might be living in a different state, another might be in grad school, and two might have real jobs and their own place. When did college go from being a place we lived for 3 years taking classes and hanging out, to a place that we will only be at for 3 months plus a few days and then we will have to find something else.
There are times when I panic more than I should. I panic about what will happen with relationships when we leave, how will if feel when we all see each other maybe once or twice a year? What will Bluffton be like without us here? There are so many questions that I ask, but know I can't find an answer.
One thing I have learned is that things will happen, whether they are good or bad, they will continue to happen, but it is what we do when they happen. That is important. I know that I won't get to talk to my best friends every day or even see them every month in September, but I can stay in contact with them, and continue to build relationship.

It was a good weekend filled with applications, food, friends, games, laughter and a lot more. I am soaking up every one of these weekends this semester.... It's second semester senior year and I am going to make the most of it. :)

Blessings of Peace,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My week of adventures...

This week was interesting. I had few days filled with coffee problems and I couldn't wait to post an email that I wrote on my blog for all of you to read.. :)

I have officially started off my day crabby. I dont know if it was because I needed more sleep, or because I wanted yet another day off, but it wasn't good. I am currently at my internship, but the events leading up to getting here were not the best.
So my alarm goes off at 6:50 and I think its a dream. It wasn't. I had to get out of bed... i didn't want too. Bathroom, brush my teeth, shower. Check. While I was walking into the shower, someone was vomiting in the bathroom. gross. It wasn't like a little vomit, it was a BIG, LOUD, DISGUSTING make me want to vomit, vomit. I ran in the shower feeling sorry for that person, but hoping it wasn't the flu because I don't want to get sick. I get out of the shower, walk across the hall and quietly (because ashley gets to sleep in on tuesdays) start to get ready. Blow dry and straighten my hair and its one of those days when it just wont look right, but due to it being short, I can't do anything about it.... so my hair looks like crap. On the plus side the $650 eye drops seem to be working, because today was the first day I could wear my contact for about 8 hours and they feel fine so far. ;) I'm running behind because I can barely see in my room and my brain wasn't working because I didn't know what to wear. (I don't think I even match today...) I go to grab my black sweater and shoes and there is something all over my sweater... come to find out its wax from my candle warmer... gross. (how do you get wax out of clothes??) Grab everything else walk out to the car only to realize its death outside. Apparently there was a mist of rain last night that froze and made a fine layer of ice. I go to defrost my car and use this spray mom bought me only to see that it fogs up the window when you use it. I'm driving through Bluffton looking out a small peep hole in my fog cover window. I get to Lima in record time (18 minutes.) and go to get out of my car to get my lunch out of the back seat. I of course set my coffee cup on top of the car so I could use both hands to only see that the fine layer of ice is still there and I watched my coffee slide off the roof... I don't know how it happened... there is now coffee in my car, but to my suprise I have a "super" coffee mug that held together and kept at least 3/4 of the coffee in. woot.

Hopefully things will pick up!! :)
This week was interesting. I have started to fill out my applications for things to do after Bluffton. It is intimidating to thinking about finishing up my Senior year and starting over. I've lived here for the past 4 years, I don't think I want to leave. Oh the emotions that are running through my mind...

Blessings of Peace,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh what to talk about.....

There are times throughout the day that I have to remind myself that I must blog this week. I know, many might think that it is an easy thing to remember but with everything going on all the time, it isn't. I love blogging, truly I do, but there are times when I wonder if you are interested in the things that I might write about. ;)

Today, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Which means that students don't have class, student teachers don't have to go to school, and some internships aren't taking place..... mine! :) It was a really nice feeling to wake up a little later than normal and put on jeans for the day. Granted, I love my internship, but sometimes black pant and a dress shirt just don't feel the same as jeans and a hoodie. :) I spent the day curled up under a blanket with my homework laying out in front of me on the futon. I like to call these days... lazy days. It is a time for one to debrief the events that lead up to a "lazy day." Whether or not they were hectic events or a busy week. Lazy days can be great!

Tonight, I am booked solid. I work from 5-8:30 at the front desk answering phones and then have BASIC tonight at 9:30pm. It should be fun to catch up with people from the group, but might also be a long night. I want to make sure that I leave around 10:40 ish, so I am up and ready for tomorrow... the start of another work week.

It feels a bit strange to get up every morning planning on when bed time is, but I guess I need to work on that because in a few short months that will be happening all the time. Crazy.

I hope that you are all enjoying your MLK day, and that you have a refreshing week.

Blessings of Peace,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I encourage you to take a look at the other students that are posting blogs for this semester.
Zach is a freshman and is in Shining Through and BASIC with me. (I believe he is posting a few pictures from our weekend of fun) :)

First week.... check done.

I made it, I don't think I would have without my friends. This past week was a hectic one. It was filled with a lot of driving, a lot of laughing, and most of all, happiness.
After a full week of internship at the Department of Community Development Friday was my day off. I spent if with sleeping a little later and some journaling. I basically had a date day with me. :) I spend a lot of time thinking about my internship, about how I was feeling and about what was to come. My weekend consisted of driving 3 hours to Camp Friedenswald in Michigan to have our first Shining Through service. We started out trip on Saturday and returned home to Bluffton on Sunday night. It was filled with sliding down a "tube run" playing endless games with the campers, singing our hearts out to our incredible Lord and little sleep. It was well worth the drive to watch this group of people that has worked so hard for things like this. I was so proud of this moment and couldnt express my own words. Things at Blluffton aren't always perfect, I know that, but they have been so much better because of my friends. They have become my family, and what a joy that is.

It was a long weekend, but I have the day off tomorrow. It will be filled with catching up on some homework. It will also be the beginning of week 2. :) A lot of the regular meetings come back into play, so juggling the meetings, internship, classes, and time for friends might be a bit more difficult that I have expected but it will and should be worth it in the end.

I have already started looking into "what comes next" after this year and that in itself is a challenge. My friends are already applying for graduate school, local jobs, figuring out what they will be doing for the summer, and I am just in a bit of a panic.... what a terrifying but exciting feeling. :)

I hope that you are all enjoying your week, and I hope to update you more on what is happening within the life of a Senior. ;)

Blessings of Peace,

Monday, January 11, 2010

The beginning of the end....

The three weeks of Christmas break went by too quickly, but not fast enough. There were times when I really wanted to see my friends and come back to Bluffton, but then there were definitely days that home seemed perfect and I didn't want to leave. As I was making my drive back to school I sat down and thought that 3 weeks is too much. It was enough time to make me not want to leave.... ;)

Today I started my internship. Crazy. I have spent the last 3.5 years thinking about this semester and it is finally here. What am I going to do with myself. I woke up at 6:50 and prepared for my morning. Shower, coffee, finish hair, makeup, running late, check the directions, more coffee, shoes on and out the door with my arms full of things. I jumped into my car turned on the heat and radio and started my first morning drive. It felt surreal. Going to what felt like a "real" job in the morning. It was so strange, but a good strange. My day wasn't very eventful though. I had a lot ... a lot of introductions and a lot of down time, but overall it was a good day. I'm very excited about the upcoming things, so I think that is the best part... looking ahead. :)

As for tonight, I want to sit with my friends and relax. I want to change into sweats and watch some tv. I can't wait to share my new adventures with you this semester!!

Blessings of Peace,