Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Room Draw

It is that time again on campus when we need to be looking forward to what might be happening for next year. 2009-2010, my senior year. Wow. I have been writing this blog since the 2nd semester of my Freshman year and now I will be starting off Senior year doing the same thing. What a feeling.
As students are busy running throughout their nightly things of studying and finishing projects you need to begin to throw in the thought os Room Draw. This is a particularly touchy subject for some because they recieved a high number.
The idea behind room draw is to turn in all of the necessities of down payments and your room draw card, and you will then receive a number that will make or break your room draw experience. (I am lucky enough because my roommate next year is a hall chaplin and she gets placed, so we already have our rooms finished)
Anyway this year as you received your number you are broken into class and then a random number. Room draw is 2 different nights of the year where you walk into a room with the layouts of the residence halls and pick from the abudance of rooms. It is exciting and fun to watch because it is really just chaos. Many people can leave with a great feeling and some leave with frustration. Room Draw can be a tough night, but in the end at least next year you may get a better number! ;)

Other than room draw, Bluffton is working its way to the end of the semester. Only 3 more weeks left and then summer is here. One thing that is frustrating is that it was snowing out today. Just last week I was walking around without a coat and today I was covered with my scarf and winter jacket. I can not wait to make my way home for Easter break, because then I am almost finished with the crazy projects that I need to finish.... if only there was a way to fly through the next few days and not feel the pressure...

Until then.
Blessings of peace.


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