Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr. Sun

When waking up this morning all I could think about was the song I use to sing when I was a child, "mr. sun". I looked out my window and felt the heat of the sun shining down as saw the blue skies. It was perfect. I knew that summer was almost here. It is finals week on campus which means there is a lot of studying, no class, and lots of free time. I really like final week. It is a time on campus for exams (which I am not a fan of) but also packing up and moving out. This year, unlike any other year, I am ready to be home. Being away for a whole semester does that to you and I have been ready to sit at home for more than 2 weeks. There is still the issue of finding a summer job, and making money, but just the though of summer makes me smile. I have two nieces waiting at home for some aunt anna time!! :)
The other day a large group of us made our way to Bob Evans for a morning brunch. It seems to be a part of what the senior girls on my floor have called the 12 Days of Grad. It is time throughout the week were we have taken time out of our days to be together for their last week. What fun that Brunch was. We got good food, as well as fellowship. That is what I love. :)

Today I met up with Janna for lunch and an afternoon chat about life. Ireland seems so far away and it makes me sad. I loved that semester. I loved meeting new people, I loved life there. I really need to think about making a pit stop there along the way. It was good just to sit and enjoy our time today. We yelled at ourselves for not studying and laughed at old memories. What a friend I have in that woman. What a blessing.

I am off to study for the night. It shouldn't be too bad. :) Wish me luck. :)

Blessings of Peace.

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