Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Morning

It seems to be an early morning for me this cloudy Tuesday. I am currently sitting with a cup of coffee in one hand and my cereal in the other. This morning I am going to be covering for a friend at the front desk and needed to set my alarm clock a a few hours earlier than normal... do not worry, I plan on taking a nap after lunch today! ;)
Today is our last official "Tuesday/Thursday classes." This is because this Thursday we are adapting the schedule to have it fit with Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes. It is a complicated thing, but it all works out in the end. I am very excited to say that I only have a few more classes, sometimes the worries of school can hinder your day, but not to worry... it is almost Summertime. Yesterday I went throughout my regular day, working, class, working, homework, GREEK, and then Castle with my roommate. It was a regular Monday night and we have our favorite show on television. It is kind of our "roommate bonding" time. I am so grateful for my roommate. I can not say enough about her. She has made my semseter transition back to Bluffton so much better than it could have been. Trust me it was hard, and I had many tears to show for it, but my roommate made me get up and do things. She pushed me to go to MCB Bingo, she pulled me to Marbeck for dinner and gave me space when I needed to mope around by myself. I love her.

After work this morning, I will be heading to class, lunch, NAP, class, homework, dinner, and then back to work. I am actually opening and closing in Marbeck tonight.... what a funny realization. I am actually aboout to live here the next week with all of the hours I'll be working. I will not say this all the time and my family will laugh if they read this, but I really enjoyed getting up this morning. It was something about the fresh air that I was breathing in when walking to work, and something about the morning coffee (which is now cold) that I enjoyed the morning aspect. Now maybe some should wait to see what i'm like later tonight, because it could be a different story when I'm falling asleep at the desk, but I could work this shift again. ;)

I hope you all find your "happiness in the morning!!"
Blessings of Peace,

(some pictures from my traveling over christmas)
I wish I could do this more...

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