Thursday, March 26, 2009

A homecoming...

It has been very strange these past few months, coming home from Ireland and trying to fit within the Bluffton schedule again. There are so many stories that I have been able to talk to my Ireland group about, but they are some of the only people. It is a very interesting thing because we have a connection together that the others do not, as they have had a semester without me. I have gone through that the past few months, but the funnier thing of everything is when people from ireland come into my Bluffton home. Mervyn, the director of our program, is on campus for the past few days and it has been so GREAT to see him. I was able to sit and talk about how he is personally. It is hard to deal with the emotions that have been coming up through that time. All is well though, don't worry.

This morning I woke up for class at my regular time and made it with ease. The sun wasn't shining yet, but that came a bit later in the day. I love that it is warm enough to walk out without a coat and enjoy the fresh air. I am currently trying to figure out when I will be able finish all of my work and find time for the fresh air, but that doesn't matter right now. Summer is coming and the senior girls on my floor are realizing that things are coming to an end. They are making regular get together's more meaningful, and trying to figure out their next step. Just this past week I personally registered for the last fall semester of my college career. It is a strange feeling and brings on a bit of anxiety, but that will do.

I am making this post a bit shorter, and wanted to thank all of you for personally reading when you can.

Enjoy the end of March. It has come and gone quickly.
Blessings of Peace.

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