Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rootbeer Keg Party!!

A new weekend and a lot of fun!!
This Friday was SO MUCH FUN!!! On campus we have different organization that keep students active. MCB, is one that I have talked about before, but PALS is somethings new to my blogs. PALS is Peer Awarness Leaders. This is a group that wants to encourage students that you dont need to drink or party to have fun.! They put on a "Rootbeer Keg Party" :) The was a lot of dancing, rootbeer, and fog! (Matt had a fog machine working the whole night) This was a lot of fun watching students come out and socialize together when there isnt any alcohol involved. PAL did an amazing job with decorations, facts about drinking and driving, and fun. Who wouldnt want to dance and drink rootbeer??
Towards the end of the night the gave away a free ipod. An IPOD!! We all sat down with anticipation waiting to see who would get the ipod, and you know who got it??? Scott DeArmond (fellow blogger, boyfriend to my hall director) I was so amazed because he really won an ipod. Lucky man!
After all that was said and done, Friday night was a blast!
MCB Soccer game! :)

Saturday was a day of sunshine and soccer! That morning MCB was attending the boys soccer game, where throughout the match they would pull a drawing for t-shirts and had ice cream sandwiches. :) YUM! cheering on the boys team, and eating ice cream= best time ever!! It was nice seeing families out supporting the players and having a bit of fun! After the soccer game, the weekend was relaxing! Doing homework, watching some college football on tv, and sitting with friends. It sounds kind of like, every other weekend on campus, but they are all different. Although it seems like we all get in some sort of schedule, we always have time for sporatic things. Whether it be a soccer game, dancing with friends, or some good old fashion board games... living the college life is pretty great! :)

Enjoy a new week! :)
Anna :)

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