Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yet another weekend! :)

Once again Sunday has made its way back to me. I can't believe that we are beginning our 4th week of school. Things keep piling up and I feel like I never have the time. This weekend was my time to catch up. Well... almost catch up! :)
Friday night, Shining Through had our first get together. It was bonding night for the group! This was something that I was thrilled about! After the audtion process getting to see the group together is so rewarding!! We went to St. John's Mennonite Church to do this bonding! We started with little games and ended up playing volleyball, and sardines. Sardines was something that they play every year. It is backwards hide and seek. One person goes and hides and the whole group splits up and tries to find the one person. Once you find them, you hide with them. This is the challenging part. You have to find a spot to fit 20 people. This can be an difficult task for a large groups of people in a smaller church. But as a groups.... we make do! :)
After bonding for 4 hours, we all went back to campus. I had enough time to run to Marbeck for MAD. This weeks event was MAD cash giveaway. MCB gave away $500. We would have to win tickets by playing rock,paper, scissors or by playing black jack. Then they would enter their ticket into a bucket and hope that their name would be drawn! :) This was such a busy event! Who doesnt want to win money?! Friday night turned out to be one of the best nights ever! This was becuase of the friends that were there with me!
That is what my Saturday consisted of. Since I let all of my homework catch up with me, I needed to find time to work on it. That was my Saturday schedule! My best friend and I sat on our futon and did homework for a solid 5 hours. It was a long afternoon, but we accomplished things! :) After homework, we rewarded ourselves to a homemade dinner. We set off the fire alarm, but the food was delicious! :) Chicken, pasta, green peppers.. yum! :)

Today: (Sunday) -- Ashley, Hannah and myself are going to Journey in Findlay for church tonight and then to Cold Stone for dessert. It is one of the only times that the 3 of us will be able to spend together! We all are so involved we never have much time to see each other. :) That is the best thing about friends... we always find time to laugh and have fun! So yet another weekend at Bluffton has turned out for the better! :) Even after all of the homework! :)


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