Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back for More...

So the new school year has started. Wow! Summer went by so quickly. After battling the flood waters, move in day, and every other activity planned for the first years everything seemed to go by smoothly. So smoothly that it is already the 2nd week of class. CRAZY!~ This year I am living in the "theme housing" in Riley Court. I am lucky enough to live with 14 of the best girl friends ever! :) But enough about that.

I am the co-coordinator of our Music Ministry Team on Campus. This is one of the best things that I could have ever been a part of. I am able to be involved on campus and I am able to worship God with my friends. The one stressful thing about this group is that this year I have to be the one to pick and choose who I think should make the team and who shouldn't. THIS IS CRAZY! I love the job! I love what I am doing, but how can I tell someone ...Sorry, but we cant accept you.!~ Well right now this is my struggle. Tomorrow are try-outs and they find out next week whether they make it or not. It has been a very stressful week with more to come I am very sure. Tonight MCB (a student lead organization) put on a concert with the group Inner City All Stars. This was a time to listen to different cultures of music, different styles, and dance the night away. And I did dance. My feet will feel the outcome tomorrow.! :) This was such a good oppourtunity to come together with friends and new students to hang out!!! It seemed kind of gross to dance on a gym floor sweating in the heat with a bunch of friends, but it is something that I will remember for a long time! That is what matters to me, is that Bluffton provides an oppourtunity to make memories and to take pictures and to become your own person! It is a place to run through waist high water to protect a science building from flooding, and a place to walk to classes.

If you have ever heard of the song, "Everybody has a laughing place" --Bluffton is my laughing place! And being able to share it with people and the experiences make me even happier! :)

So after having a stressful day and getting to dance it all away I am able to realize that things will work out. So for tonight.. I will relax with a cup of coffee and fall asleep to the sound of the TV. :)
Happy Tuesday!!!

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