Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friends. Work. Impulse Shopping

Oh the joy of the weekend! Something that everyone looks forward to. This weekend wasn't going to be my best. I had to work at the Marbeck front Desk. This meant that I would get to sit at the desk for 13 hours. My friends went home, or had other plans and I was to sit there. Yes, I was getting paid.. but still. Well I still worked the desk, but it wasn't as "awful" as I thought. Lets start at the beginning...
Friday night. My only full night off of work. I wanted to do something good. But what? My best friend left, I had homework up to my eyeballs, and the MAD weekly event didnt seem interesting to me--(playstation). My roommate wanted to have an easy night, I wanted to do something and Hope and Becca had no where to go. 4 girls that didnt seem content. Combine them together and get a great girls night. We wanted to make cookies... so we did. We went to the store for butter... and came out with.. pop, butter, milk, cookies, graham crackers, toothpaste, and a magazine. Impuse shopping. I hate it and love it. When you go in without knowing what you want you find things.. which leads to spending money. :) So we made cookies, coffee and hot chocolate and watched The Holiday. (wonderful movie) The best part was that my roommate could just lay there and watch the movie--her easy night-- I began making cards and crafts--keeping me busy-- Becca and Hope found things to do, and we got to do it together! :)

Saturday was a bit different. We slept in(10:30 for me). I wanted to enjoy the aspect of sitting on my futon with a cup of coffee and TLC's What not to Wear before going into work. I made sure that I had enough to do while sitting at the desk and soon left for work. Saturday went by quickly because I was able to keep myself busy with homework and odds and ends.
Today. (Sunday) I am currently at work as well. I have studied for an exam that I have tomorrow and will begin reading for a class. I get off at noon and will (maybe take a nap) Getting up at 7:15 is not as easy at it looks! :)Tonight I get to babysit fot 3 wonderful kids. My boss's actually! Last time we danced to the Lion King soundtrack and went to bed. Today.. maybe we will play some games! :) I love kids!
So after a weekend of girls, work, and kids... classes don't seem as appealing as they should... :)

Oh yes. Today is also the first day of Fall! :) I LOVE FALL! The smells, leaves changing, and apple cider- who wouldn't love it! :)
So enjoy the fall weather--
God Bless-

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