Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Bluffton Life! :)

It has been two days since I've posted online. My last post was filled with a lot of thing, I now dont know what to write. Yesterday was Monday, which seems to mean that after a wonderful weekend classes are back and running. From reading to quizzes this week seems to be even busier. Now Profs are getting close to quizing us and are feeling comfortable in classes to open up discussions and go over the reading less. (because we are supposed to read it on our own) Monday's are one of my busiest days. I have 4 classes. One is a night class. This is for 2 hours and 45 minutes but only once a week. I enjoy the class so far but sitting for almost 3 hours is somewhat crazy. -- After night class, we had Bulk Bingo. This event was so fun because the prizes were bulk food from Sam's club. A lot of people showed up and it was my very first event. (I am currently on MCB) People had a lot of fun with this. Whether it was yelling out Bingo or searching for the correct number. I was very proud! :)
After Bingo was homework time. I sat on my futon reading for classes, and getting ready for today.
Tuesday. hmmm. I had my first field trip for class today. For Human Behavior and Social Environment we traveled to the local hospital to learn more about babies. I need to take this class for my Social Work major. We learned about birthing and differnent medicine used. In the end they brought in a baby born on Monday. SOOO CUTE!! After class we had Forum. This happend every Tuesday at 11am. We have different speakers come in and discuss a topic that is familar for them. Today we actually had our President of the Univeristy give his Univeristy Forum Address. It discussed the environment of Bluffton and how our campus actually formed into what it is today. It is so different to think about the campus being any different back when it was founded than what it is today. Not having all of the trees or buildings. This campus is so beautiful now and learning that it was different then suprises me.

Whether it be through activities on campus or just the beauty of it, it is very worth while! :)

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