Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Spiritual Life Week

Every fall we have a week based on Spiritual Life. There is a groups of students that come up with events for the whole week. This week is it! :) The theme is Experience the Abundant Life. It also has a bit of a sub-theme from a Superchick song. This week is based on the spirituality of students on campus. It gives us all a chance to express everything that we believe and learn from others. It gives us time to be one on one with God.
The schedule for the week include,
Sunday- Fall Festival
Monday- Battle of the Airbands
Tuesday-Prayer Walk
Wednesday- Worship at the Cabin
Thursday- Feeding on the Word of God
Friday- Pancake Breakfast

So far the week has been a lot of fun. Sunday The Fall Festival was a time for fellowships with a lot of the groups on campus. They set up booths and handed out raffle tickets. We were able to spend time outside with friends old and new.
Monday was one of the well known events on campus. Battle of the Airbands, is an event at which students get up and lipsync to a song. They can dance, play an air guitar or find another way to perform. It is a lot of fuN! :) Last night, we actually had 9 different bands perform! All were a variety of songs, but they were all good! My best friends, Hannah and Ashley and myself, got up and danced to "Are you gonna be my girl" by Jet. This was SO much fun!! We practiced for a few days for this and ended up doing great!!! We actually got Best Choreograhpy. There were three different placements and we got one of them!!!! The award was a $50 gift certificate to Cold Stone!!! We had the best time ever!!
Spiritual Life week is one of my favorite weeks ever! It is a time of relaxation and time with each and everyone of our spiritual journeys. So when thinking about decisions that you have to make, take time to let the pieces fall where they may.
Have a meaningful week
Anna :)

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