Sunday, September 9, 2007


So there are always days that we feel totally drained. There are days when we just need someone to come and take away that stress. I have been so lucky this weekend to have people do that for me! :) This past week I have been so busy. Whether it be with classes, meetings, or homework, I have barely had time to think. Finally when the weekend showed up I was so happy to be able to breathe. It was a weekend filled with laughter, sleep, and lots of hugs!
Friday night MCB (campus activities) held their first MAD event. (Marbeck After Dark.) This week it was a Dutch Blitz tournament. My best friend from Bluffton and I entered this tournament with very high hopes for ourselves. We thought that we would win the whole tournament. Spending a Friday night screaming "Blitz" was going to be the best. Well we actually didn't win but technically we would have been in 5th place. (This was out of 32 teams) We still had a lot of fun!!
Saturday. Rainy. Yuck. Three words that make me smile still to this day! At home I have been blessed with two of the bestest friends I could have asked for. The only problem is that they dont live at Bluffton. So on Saturday I had two visitors!! They showed up and the fun began. I was able to introduce them to all of my "Bluffton Friends" and we were able to relax. This was a time for each of us to catch up on our lives and relax together. Playing ping pong in Bob's Place, or touring the campus we were able to keep ourselves busy. :) It was so fun to be able to enjoy two of my best friends company and in my familiar setting of Bluffton!

On Sunday, I went to church with Hannah. We have been going to Bluffton Baptist which is downtown. This church has made us feel very at home in Bluffton. We are welcomed by the members and feel very free to worship with them. This has been something very important in my life the past few days. Making a connection in a church away from home allowed me to feel comfortable!! After church my parents made an impromtu trip to Bluffton. This meant a free meal outside of Marbeck!! We were able to catch up on what is happening at home and eat Mexican Food (from the new place downtown)- We also got takeout and came back to watch football! This was a time for fellowship together! (the Browns lost by the way) :( But seeing family and friends this weekend was something that was able to take away my stress. I was able to smile, hug, and laugh with some of the people that I love! :)
Bluffton is a very good place and sharing it with people I love makes it even better! :)
Enjoy the beauty of each day!! (Friday night we saw a rainbow after all of the rain. It wasnt this picture.. but it reminded me of it!)

God Bless,

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