Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Little things in Life

Well it is Tuesday already. Wow it just seemed like yesterday when I wrote on here about Northern Ireland, but it was a week ago. Time has been flying by so fast lately. We have started our 5th week of classes and have already had exams, quizes, and papers due. The one thing that helps me get through these busy weeks seem to be the realization of knowing that Fall Break is only a week and a half away. Throughout all of the stress finding one or two things that can help us get through this is somewhat comforting.
This past weekend, like I said in my previous post, I was working at our front desk. But as I was working I recieved a package in the mail from my sister. (She lives in Illinois) I was so thrilled because I havent heard from her in a while, but getting a package means that she actually held that box and is kind of like a little piece of her. It was this long tube with two posters inside. It was so amazing to me at how much a little thing can change my attitude for the rest of the week.
Yesterday I was running behind in the morning. This was getting me frustrated and I was becoming very upset, but looking at the beautiful day, friends, and my morning coffee I was put right back on track. It didnt matter to me whether or not my hair was completely dry, or what shoes matched.. I was grateful for having the sunshine.
I was talking on the phone with my mom yesterday and she was talking about the leaves changing, and my dog running around outside. We laughed a lot about old times, but she made sure to tell me to go outside at Bluffton and sit in the grass. "Bluffton is beautiful, so go and enjoy it"--exact words that came out of her mouth.

The little things at Bluffton seem to affect me more than the big ones. Whether it be the sunshine, morning coffee, phone calls from home, fall break, or just an evening dancing with friends, those leave more of an impression on my heart than anything else.

"We come to know the will of God's life calling through experience itself. We discover what our calling is in the same way an artist paints on a canvas or a person falls in love. We learn by trying, by experimenting, by doing. Our calling is inseparable from the journey. In ones sense, it is the journey."

Have a plesent afternoon-
Enjoy the little things! :)

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