Friday, September 25, 2009

What a Crazy Life...

So as I go throughout my days there are certain things that seem to repeat themselves, such as, class stays the same, work stays the same, dinner times stay the same. It seems like it could be a bit boring, and lets be honest, sometimes it truly can be. But the best times are when something random gets thrown into the humdrum of "normal Life". Whether it will be the fact that it is Thursday and its Shining Through night, or we made a random trip to Community Market for some Ice Cream, or when it is "season premier week for a lot of the television shows. This week had a few more random adventures than the last few.
Yesterday my friends Hannah and Abby, stopped in my room with their purses in hand. My roommate and I just looked at them and asked eagerly where they were going?>
"The Whippy dip" Han said.
This is the local ice cream shop in town that usually closes soon.
We laughed a bit and informed them that it was pretty closed for the season. If you could have only seen their face when the realization hit. They were going to have to go somewhere else for their ice cream treat. Deciding to join in with the adventure I jumped into the car and helped decipher where to go. Community Market was the unanimous decision and the next task was to get to the other side of town. Usually it is a simple task of getting on the one road that takes us there, but there is A LOT of construction in Bluffton lately so we took quite a few back roads. Wow. A trip of 5 minutes turned into one that took around 30. Oh the joys of road construction. ;)

I hope that you enjoy the weekend. It is starting to feel like autumn outside, so enjoy the weather before the cold starts to come. :)
Blessings of Peace,

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