Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a Boy!!

There are many things that my roommate and I get excited about and today... we were super excited!!

Ashley has been bugging me about getting a fish for the longest time. I told her that as long as she takes care of it, I don't really care. Well the new addition to our room arrived today and it was awesome. (I got just as excited about it as she did.) :)

The one problem is that we have yet to decide on a name. Does anyone have any suggestions?? We are rallying on the floor for some good ones, and the other fish owners are thinking, but we want it to be perfect. He is a blue beta. So, put on some thinking caps and we will come back with an update on everything.

We hope that you enjoy the video clip of the excitement!! :)

Blessings of peace! :)


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