Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Break... already

WOW. It is so difficult to realize that you are already half way through a semester. It is even harder to realize that I am going on Spring break in a few days.
Last year at this time I was packing for a trip to Chicago and now I am sliding on snow and preparing to go to PA. This is with the Music Ministry team on campus. We are leaving on Saturday morning and heading east for a few days... more like a week and a day. This will be a time to travel, sing about our faith and become closer as a group. I just need to keep looking toward the end of the week! :)

When thinking about what is going on campus, I wanted to talk to you about something that college has brought out in me. I have been thinking back on the year and a half and what I have done that I never have before at college. Well.. coming to school, I hated papers. I never wanted to write them, and would wait until the last minute, but since coming to Bluffton papers are worth so much of the grade that they become cake work. They are simple points that can make or break your grade.
Ok-- that was a lame answer but I have another one. Until coming to school I had never eaten Chipotle. Delicious. My best friend actually almost fainted when she found out, so that night we left to find the closet one. It ended up being 40 minutes away at the time, but we would travel there often just to get that Burrito. College can bring the best out in people. It really does. I love going places with friends and laughing with them.

Something that is a "big" thing now is texting. I know a lot of you do it in school, but it is something that connects people everywhere. I also learned how to text with t-9word at school. This post seems to be fun facts about college! I think that there should be more than one post based on that. I think that there are way more fun facts than people realize, thats what makes Bluffton so great. It allows for opportunities to branch out and find "fun facts".

I hope that this post is something interesting to you, but also something that makes you laugh. College is a huge next step in schooling, but is also one of the best.

Stay warm--

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