Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, the 8th week of class is upon us and I am having one of the hardest times getting back into the swing of things. You would think that I wasn't in school for weeks, but I just had one of the most relaxing weekends ever. I went home. This is something that I ususally don't do because I love Bluffton, but going home got me away from thinking about homework. So now I am back in my room, with homework that needs to be done and I do not want to even start it :)
I guess I am at the stage of class, where you don't want to do anything but sit around with friends, but you have to because midterms are this week. How is it that school is going by so quickly. I guess it is the same speed of every other day, but being more involved makes it seem faster.

Have you ever had that one professor/teacher in school who you love. One that you look forward to walking into their class ever day? Well... I have that class tomorrow. The professor is Laura Brenneman (I will let you in on a secret.. the first time I sat in one of her classes I was terrified of her.) She is one of the Religion Department professors but I have her for my Northern Ireland class and also Theories of Peace and Conflict. The best thing about that class is how she teaches it. Laura brings this
"I know you are a college student but I still want you to learn" vibe to the class. She is open about our ideas but also is there to teach us about what is going on. Professors like that make the day better. Lynda Nyce is another one of those professors. She is so unique about teaching our Cross cultural class. She is someone you could sit and talk to forever about anything.

I think it is important to have professors who you can love. It pushes you towards going to class everyday, but also encourages you to learn from them. I love where I am in life. I was able to come to Bluffton and meet these people.
Part of why I am here is because of my faith and being able to grow in that faith not only with friends, but also my professors is something truely amazing.

Stay warm... spring is right around the corner!


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