Tuesday, February 12, 2008


What is there to say.
Well, 1 week ago we were flooded in because of rain and this week it is snow and ice. Ohio weather is a bit crazy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Just like school work. When I write this blog, everytime my mind becomes blank. I don't know what I can say about college to suit every different person. I think that is why I am supposed to just talk about what I do to see if you are interested in any of it.
Well, many of you know (if you have read the blogs before) that I am involved in some of the Religious Life on campus. There is a music ministry group called Shining Through that travels around in the Spring semester on weekends to sing for churches. This is my favorite activity. Why? Well, Shining Through meets once a week to have fellowship and to practice, but that is all the contact we have until Spring semester. We are not together all of the time and have built friendships because of our faith.
This past weekend we actually had an overnight trip (because we traveled about 4 hours to one place). This weekend was one of the best weekends I could have ever had. I was able to get to know people that I didn't know very well. I think that is my favorite part.
Other than Shining Through, I am part of our Student Activities Planning Committee. MCB. This is a group that plans activities for the students on campus. They will range from traveling to watch a Browns game to playing a game about who knows which roommate better. This group is a lot of fun, because you get to see the end results of activities. My very favorite is when you watch a waterbottle or t-shirt being worn on random days. You know that that person came to events.

All around campus there are activities that you can become involved in. My favorites are the ones that you can leave feeling great. Shining Through is that activity for me. I can be at home with the people I sing with and they are very supportive with anything that I do.

So, when thinking about a place that I knew I belonged was very important. I wanted to be able to be myself when I attended activities or even became apart of them. That is something very important.
Ask questions... be yourself... find something that is for you.


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