Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Everyday I have my routine. I wake up, turn on Good Morning America, take my shower, do my hair and get ready for class. Go to class, drink my coffee, get breakfast with my best friend and check my mail. My every day routine. My very favorite part of this is checking my mail. Mail is like a present every day for me! :) Whether it is just a stuffer from MCB saying BINGO was moved to a different day, a package from home, or my paycheck, running to my mailbox is a necessity! :) This past weekend, I was very busy. I worked for a friend of mine, and did much needed homework. While I was at work, I checked my mailbox. Guess What I found?? MAIL! :) This wasnt everyday mail either. It was mail from Northern Ireland. A friend of mine is currently studying abroad in Northern Ireland, with the Bluffton semester program. Her name is Megan, and she lives next door to me. There is approx. a four hour time difference from here to NI, and some days I am lucky enough to get to talk to her on AOL. These conversations are the best. I am able to find out how she is doing and what she is doing. Well anyway... I check my mail this weekend and I find a letter from her. It was in a home made envelope with tape all around it. Inside was a note that left me crying. (in a good way of course)
Mail is what connects us to the rest of the world. Whether it be by email or "snail mail." Everytime I either open my inbox on the computer, or look in my mailbox in Marbeck, it brings a smile to my face.
Next time you go out to get mail, be excited about it. It kind of means someone loves you. (except for the credit card companies) ;)

It amazes me that tomorrow is November already. Time flys by at college. Thanksgiving is in three weeks and then Christmas break after that.
Enjoy the days... and mail of course! :)


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