Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hello readers,
This week is our Homecoming week on campus. This is a time for students, alumni, faculty and staff to get together and have some fun! Our theme this year is "Take a Timeout". There are events planned for each day that encourage the campus community to come together and have some fun, while getting to know each other. Our events each night are different but encourage a lot of participation. I am going to list off what is happening each night and what each one entitles....
Monday- Block Party
This was held yesterday in the middle of Neufeld lawn. We served dinner to the students and held raffle drawings for gas cards, waterbottles and an i-pod. We encouraged student residence halls to set up a table with an activity. This was a time for a lot of laughter and some good food. We had corn-hole set up to play and a perfect amount of grass space to sit an chat with friends. With music in the background and a raffle being drawn, this was a great beginning to a long week. The students seemed to enjoy what was happening around, and many of them stayed until the very end!!

Tueday- Are you Smarter than a First Year?
This is a spoof off of the Fox tv series of, Are you smarter than a fifth grader. We are having 6 first year students, come up and challenge the upper classmen to a series of questions for a prize of $50. This is going to be a very fun even in the way of bringing upper classmen and lower classmen together. This should be full of entertainment!!

Wednesday- Beaver Pride, and Pep Rally
Come out and show some spirit. In the Commons, we are encouraging the students to support the sports that are playing in the fall, by getting an inflatable finger and some hand made signs. This event is one that everyone can participate in by being a "Beaver"!!

Thursday- Christopher Carter
We are bringing in an entertainer!! Christopher Carter is an illusionist that will read minds! This is for the students! After long weeks of studying for exams and doing homework having a time of fellowship together is a very good idea. This event is going to bring a lot of different faculty and students together for a good time.

Friday and Saturday- Parade, Coronation, Football and dance
See who is crowned King and Queen, watch some good football and dance the night away Toga style with some friends!!

Homecoming is going to be such a great time for friends, and family. This is a chance for alumni to see how the campus is doing and a time to have students participate in the activities provide for them.

Even though this week is crazy stressfull for planning events, and getting ready for them, I am so happy that things are working out!! This is one of the best times ever!!!
Enjoy each day! Make sure to laugh with friends!


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