Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh what a weekend

Hmmm... where to start. I could begin with the costume party-no no, what about the hair dye?-nope, a bird you say?-I dont think so. I will start my post with Friday afternoon and proceed up until now. Fridays. Days that make me smile. This is because it is an end to a school week, and a beginning for the weekend. What a day! :) Of course I went to class and then work, but the fun began after work. My bestest Hannah and I decided it was a good idea to go shopping. Always a good idea!! The problem came when we realized it wouldn't be as easy as we had hoped. Everyone says a girl needs a little black dress. Something you can wear on any occasion. It the "best purchase" some would say. But it is NOT EASY finding a little black dress. It is actually fairly difficult. This began our journey for the "little black dress". We left Bluffton in search for this dress at 5:30 pm Friday night. We went for dinner and then our game face was on. By 7:30 still no luck. After we tried Kohl's and Fashion Bug we were a bit nervous. Pulling into the Findlay Mall with little hope we look up and see TJ MAXX shining right into our eyes! SUCCESS! :) Finally by 8:15 we had found that little black dress!! (along with another dress) After dress shopping we decided to grab some groceries and head back to Bluffton. By the time we reached home it was approx. 9:45. But the night wasn't over. Costume patrty?? YES please! :) After we returned from the shopping trip we ran back to our rooms and changed into the lovely ref jerseys. We were going to a costume party!! A friend of our's celebrates their birthday with a costume party at the Cabin. We were just in time for the very end and had a lot of fun within that last hour. There was a minnie mouse outfit, twister, a cowboy, pumpkins and even a pirate. This night was unforgettable. Saturday. Well, it was a day that I WANTED to sleep in. Notice the "wanted". I woke up to something being thrown against my window. Hmmm? I live on the third floor.. what could that be. I rolled over being a sleepy college kid and tried to go back to sleep. But I was unable to succeed in doing this. I put my glasses on and noticed that this thing was flying up against my window. A red cardnial was flying straight into my window over and over again. I had no idea how to make it stop, so I took a video of it! :) After that ridiculous bird, I was already awake and ready for another day. By noon the 4 people left where I live were mostly awake. Hannah and I didnt have anything to do so it was a lazy day of homework. Before we started that we decided to use the box of hair dye (bought friday night) to change my hair color. :) Oh what a day. So as a newly dark brown hair color, I then started homework. Sunday. I attend a local church in town called Bluffton Baptist. Every other week, the pastor always asks if we (Hannah and I) want to have lunch with them. Today, we took them up on that offer. We ate at Arby's and had a lot of fun getting to know the pastor and other people from church. It was like I was with my family on a regular Sunday! I love spending time with people on the weekends. It allows for new friendships and also a time to build on the ones we already may have! It is going to be a great week this week! Remember to stay warm and enjoy the friends! :) Blessings- Anna This is a video of the bird hitting my window--

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