Sunday, October 14, 2007

MCB retreat and Fall Break

Hello All,
I would first like to apoligize that I haven't written in here for a while. This is because sometimes I don't realize how many hours are in the days and when things pile up I personally tend to FREAK out! This is what happened last week. Not this past weekend, but the one before, we had our fall break. Saturday - Tuesday. This was a time to relax and have a long weekend at home, or travel to visit people. Some of the Bluffton-ites stayed on campus. I decided that I needed a break from Ohio, the place I was born and raised, so I drove 5 1/2 hours to Illinois to see my oldest sister. This was what I was looking forward to. I hadn't had a weekend off of campus yet, so I decided to get away. My sister works at Millikin University in Illinois. So I was technically just going from one campus to another. Here is the funny thing...I was expecting some kind of delicious homemade food and what I got was a swipe on her "Millikin Staff" card and ate in their caf. Oh, and the food company was Sodexo, the same as Bluffton. Yum to some "homemade" food. :)

It was very peaceful to drive 5 hours. I was able to get away from the studying, exams and homework. I turned up the music and enjoyed the 70 mph speed limit. The weekend was a great one in the sense of seeing some people whom I havent seen in a while.
After the drive, I decided to go home on Monday and sleep in my own bed and see some of my old friends! :) This was so wonderful for me. Connecting to friends back home was a must!! It allowed me to feel comfortable with them and also find out what is happening since I left!!
Staying at Bluffton is great and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but there are some days when getting off of campus is even better. Sleeping in a bunk bed is fun, but going home to your own room with your sheets and having the comfort was exactly what I needed!! On Tuesday I was able to hang around the house for a bit and then shadowed a Social Worker in Sandusky. This was for a class so it was nice for me to do it at home in a familiar place. I had a really great time and learned a lot of different things about the Social Work field.
Coming back to school seems more difficult after a bit of a break. We needed to jump back into exams and homework and all of the activities on campus. This past weekend, MCB, the campus activities group, went on the annual retreat. It was yet another get away from campus, but with a lot of my friends. This weekend was all about learning how to make our group better in many ways. We were able to bond over funny stories, relate events to old ones, and find some new things that the campus adn student body might be interested in doing. This weekend was filled with a lot of laughs and good food!!!
After a busy weekend, begining another week seems almost impossible. The catch is that this weekend is our homecoming week and my roommate, best friend and I are the chairpersons. Which means it will be yet a crazy hectic week!

But it seems to keep me entertained! Which is always a plus!!! :)

Take some time to breathe!!

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