Thursday, November 8, 2007

Best Weekend Ever! :)

Well, I know it has been a while, but have you ever just gotten so caught up in everything you dont realize what day is which? This was one of those weeks. Last Thursday I was preparing so much to go home for a wedding it just flew by and is already Thursday again. I will do a run through of the wonderful weekend that I was able to enjoy on and off campus.
Friday morning, one of my main classes was cancelled which allowed for me to go home early. I have yet to be home for an actual weekend so this was going to be wonderful! :) I drove home to suprise my Best Friend because she was the one getting married. So all of Friday I was helping the "bride to be" get ready. After seeing her for 3 hours, I needed to get ready as well. Spending time with my mom was what I needed on Friday. We drove to the wedding and got to have mother/daughter time. :) After the wedding was over and the pictures were taken, I was able to sit down with old friends and catch up. Sometimes I dislike doing this, because they are always the same questions... What are you doing? Where are you going to school? What is your major? All of these questions get very repetative after a while, but it wasnt this time. I was able to look at my high school friends and talk about what I will be doing, or what is happening in life. This was so important to me because it allowed for the bonds that we had a while ago, reform a bit. Thank you for friends! :)
On Saturday was the reception. This wasnt until later in the night, so I once again spent my morning with my mom and dad. We actually went to pick out a Christmas Tree to tag. (i know. i know. it's a bit early) The reception was a lot of fun, and seeing my best friend happy was worth it! :)

Sunday morning I left for school, because I needed to be back by 10:15. MCB was taking a trip to a Cleveland Browns Game! :) How awesome!!! We stopped to eat at Hannah's house (my best friend at school, not the married one :) ) Her family took in 30 college students and fed us an amazing meal. After that we hung around and played so football in the yard, until it was game time!!!!
Going to Cleveland is very much a culture shock for me. I am not used to going to a city and walking between thousands of Browns fans barking. It was one of the scariest/coolest experiences ever! :)
As many of you SHOULD know, the Browns won in overtime agains the Seahawks. It was one of the best games ever!!

After a long van ride back-(in the best van ever) I was able to walk into my room to end the best weekend ever! :)
When being on campus, make sure to make use of the oppourtunities given to you. They can be really great! :)

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