Monday, October 3, 2011


Night One:
Terrible. Awful. Exhausting. Sleepless.

You all should know that my sister is getting married. It's been basically all I've talked about for the past billion blogs. My future BIL is a great guy. Quite funny, quiet, and loves my sister. They are a pretty good pair. Anyway, Molls has had her cat Bennett for if I'm counting correctly about 5 years?! We love Bennett, I've always wanted him to snuggle when I would travel to her, etc. It was always this lovely relationship we had. Well, Molls decided to marry the love of her life, who also happens to be allergic to Molly's lovely Bennett. So, the agreement actually happened last October over the phone. It went something like this...

M:"Bug, I have something important to ask you."
M:"I love Alex and to continue to love him, I need him to be able to breathe."
A:"Yes, that would be helpful..."
M:"Will you love Bennett forever and let him live with you when you are done with PULSE?"

Well.... last night was Bennett's first night in the BSP2 house. The car ride to the "Burgh wasn't bad, and getting him all set up was even easier. He followed me like a puppy through the house, but it was after that when everything happened.

You see, Bennett is use to a house full of other animals. He had multiple kittens around to be grouchy too or a dog to smack. At this house, I think he was lonely. I left my bedroom door ajar and had guided Bennett up to 3rd floor multiple times so he knew where I was, however, most of my sleepless night was spent trying to coax him up the stairs, or was spent hiding under the covers because I just wanted sleep.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my lovely Bennett from not screaming in the middle of the night?
(I'm pretty sure I mumbled something about never having kids last night.....)

Oh and a shout out to my mother, who has trained Bennett to wake up at 5:15am for his usual morning treat before she goes to work. I have no treats in this house yet and am sure in hell not getting up at 5:15am just to give him one.

Happy sleepless Monday.

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