Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wonderful wednesdays.

week two.

A lot has happened within the last week. I'm excited to tell you all about it.

One of my housemates from last year walked down the aisle with her family and committed her life to her best friend. Committed herself to loving him forever. A^2. I love A^2. Andrea and Aaron Yutzy. Congratulations my dear dear friends.

They had the coolest guest book... and also every person's fingerprint that attended the wedding. Yutzy's you better not try and frame us all for murder with those prints.

We also got to see how beautiful Harrisonburg, Va is and eat their delicious food. Thank you Clementine Cafe for your Sunday Morning Brunch.

and because they got married in Virginia, I was able to take beautiful pictures of the sun shining in the blue sky in Sunday afternoon.

Aside from all of the lovely things that happened, something not lovely also happened. The Steelers won. It was a Sunday Night game and the Colt's were soooo close. So Damn Close. See how scared Maggie was in her Steeler's Jersey?!?! Can't you feel her freaking out?!

Unfortunately, the Steelers pulled through and Maggie was able to do her victory dance this week.


This weekend, I get to see my sisters, hug my mom, laugh with my aunt, and celebrate with the amazing women that have taught me how to love.

I can't wait to post pictures from this weekend.

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