Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wonderful wednesday.

1. I spent last weekend in the windy city. Yep, that's right. Chicago.
The city of Oprah, the city of shopping (or at least a mile of it), that Chicago style pizza and according to a sign, the City of Bridges? What the CRAP!?! Lies, Chicago, Lies. (after reading to the bottom of the false marketing material, they are the city of MOVABLE bridges?)

Anyway, I was in Chicago to celebrate the Unbachelorette/bachelor party for Molly and AHB. IT WAS AWESOME. A weekend filled with my sisters, her friends, Chicago, delicious food, laughter, and love. I'm a sucker for love.

Whether we were walking the city, laughing on the train, singing in the car, or dancing at a piano bar, my weekend was awesome. (and a little exhausting)

So my lovely friends, here are pictures from my rockin weekend.

One of my favorite pictures from the weekend.... AHB falling asleep on the train - - We walked him to death.

Our drink at the Piano Bar in Chicago -- Howl at the Moon. What an awesome evening!

Chicago, I loved you. You were beautiful with perfect weather for having an Unbachelorette Party.

We are officially starting a countdown for the wedding....
2 weeks from today I will be on the road heading to Columbus for our first stop before Illinois.

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