Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wonderful wednesdays.

Wellllll Hello Ladies and Gents!

I hope you are all slowly but surely making it through this week in October. I continue to question what day of the week it is. Partially because I've been so busy the past two days and partially because I keep praying that someone is going to say it's finally Friday. Alas, it turns out to be Wednesday. Which means that I get to also post about things that are wonderful. :) I'm really becoming fond of Wednesday's because of these posts.

This past weekend was one that I needed. It was my only weekend in October where nothing was scheduled. Nothing was on the calendar, nothing was causing me to leave the city. It was a weekend of free time and fun. I was looking forward to sleeping in, looking forward to cooking in my kitchen, looking forward to spending time with friends and then also just sitting on the couch with some football. There were plenty of highlights from the weekend, but one that I loved was sitting on the couch Friday night watching a movie that my sister has been telling me to watch forever and one that Beatle loves. Across the Universe. Such good music.
My weekend was amazing, it was very much needed.

As much as I loved the weekend, Monday evening, I got the opportunity to travel to Cleveland, Ohio to recruit for PULSE at a University. The recruiting went swimmingly, but my favorite part was then jumping in a car and driving 45 minutes to my lovely Hannah's home. You see, Hannah and I met my very first day at Bluffton. She was placed in the room next to me and we've been friends ever since. Hannah married her love August of last year and they just purchased a home in Akron. Oh My Word. It was the best house ever. There are 3 bedrooms, the most beautiful kitchen, back porch, yard.... gahhhh I could just rave about it. I literally squealed and jumped up and down! :)

After my lovely stay with my bestie, I drove to another University and then back to Pittsburgh. There are so many times, when I find myself driving back to the 'Burgh from a few days away, I find myself breathing a sigh of relief when I see the skyline. I smile when I see familiar sites. I think that I get that from my mother. She would always turn the corner of our block the day after vacation ends, and say... "oh good, the house is still there."
So Pittsburgh, I'm always happy to see that you are still here waiting for me when I drive through that lovely tunnel.

And finally, last night I had the opportunity to be a part of an event that I was thrilled to be apart of.

"Helping women entrepreneurs take flight."

The event was a hit and I hope that you take a look at their site. Three incredible women with one big idea!

So here's to yet another Wonderful Wednesday.

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