Thursday, October 27, 2011

wonderful (thursday) wednesday

Oh yikes. I didn't even realize that Wednesday came and went. Once November hits, I want to think life will start to slow down, unfortunately, I don't actually believe that is going to happen. Looks like it's sink or swim, the hell if I'm about to sink.

Some great things happened last week, including the fact that I became 1 year older. With birthday celebrations, music, friends, drinks, and lovely fall weather, my busy life didn't seem too crazy.

1. I love getting mail from best friends... it is one of my favorite things. Thanks M.E.H

2. If you've come to Pittsburgh to visit me, I've probably taken you to Smiling Banana Leaf to eat. It's one of my favorite places in the city. It's BYOB, which is a popular thing in the 'Burgh, so celebrating me turning 24, sitting down with the boy for dinner at Smiling Banana Leaf was the best thing ever!

3. Apple Pie Cookies. Delicious. Absolutely delicious. Who wouldn't want to eat a personal baby pie cookie? Who wouldn't want their kitchen to smell like the night before Thanksgiving, who wouldn't want to share this with other people --- (well, i HAD to.) Honestly, I didn't want to. I wanted to hide them in my house and just eat the lovely little apple pie cookies myself, but I made an agreement in April. Darn commitment to my dessert of the month buyer.
Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for this ah-mazing recipe.

And you're welcome for giving it to you!!

4. Wedding shoes.

I know you're saying, "blah blah, Anna, we are tired of hearing about your stinkin sister's wedding." Well - after next week i'll be done... well, probably not, but it wont be as frequent. Anyway-- my sister is super great and told us we could wear whatever shoes we wanted as long as they were orange. I sent her an email, I wanted shoes with the merlot and orange color.... her response, "baby, you can do whatever you want."


With the help of Kelly Ann Tobias and the support of Jenna Sue Vanden Brink, my lovely lovely friends, we took on a project of dyeing shoes.

The transformation of the plain white shoes was incredible. It's art. I almost don't want to wear them, but I'm PUMPED to show them off!!!

(you should ignore the blue tape, we were being responsible and didn't want to make a mess!)

So here's to yet another wonderful (thursday) wednesday!!

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