Wednesday, October 5, 2011

wonderful wednesday.

goooooood morning friends.

It's a wonderful wednesday post coming your way. I feel like I'm holding strong to this idea of posting on Wednesdays. Go me!

Exciting things that happened this past week...

1. October happened. Hello, beautiful fall. I am only a little angry at the fact it went down to low 50s if not 40s in the past few days. That was not fall weather. No thank you. I do not want to turn on our heat yet, but I think hiding under the covers all day isn't acceptable in my office.

2. October happened, which also means Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I loved turning on the tv Sunday and seeing pink running around the football field. I also love Yoplait and Dannon for that reason too.

Thanks for fighting this battle with us.

3. My sister was showered in love this weekend.... she is also 1 month away from marrying AHB. I made her wear a crown and sash around our house on Friday night... She wasn't a fan of it! I was just doing my job... MOH duties

4. I spent Saturday night sitting on a couch with a glass of this delicious stuff..

chatting with my sisters and dear friend Mel. We got to talk about all things wedding.

5. Finally... to go along with a previous post, Bennett has arrived in the BSP2 household. We will see how long he lasts, but we (or maybe just me) are excited to love on him for a while.

Enjoy your wednesday.

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