Saturday, May 7, 2011

I feel as though when things begin to get "popular" I want to cut out. Such happened with blogging recently. 4 people in my life have started different blogs. Maybe it's the new hip thing to do, but I think back to my lame posts freshman year of college. I have different things to update about but I don't seem to want to put as much time into it. Sad... i know, since there seem to be a few more of you out there still reading. This past week i've been struggling with finding myself in Pittsburgh. I love the people, I love the friends and the Friday nights, but there has been an inner struggle thinking about what's next. My best friend and babies are moving home, so my heart immediately wants to pack back up and experience their life.... but that isn't going to fix mine. When they start going to school in a few years, I will be just as restless... and to be honest-- there doesn't seem to be much left for me in Clyde just yet. So for right now... Pittsburgh it is. The city of three rivers, steelers fans, and the most beautiful skyline ever.

Here's to you Pittsburgh. I hope you figure out my life for me soon, because I really do love you.

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