Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excitement. Joy. Love.

I'm going back to Ohio this weekend for a long mini vacation weekend. A few things I hope to get accomplished....
1. kissing my beautiful beautiful nieces until their cheeks are red
2. Hugging my best friend for hours.
3. Hugging her husband for a few minutes (because lets be honest.. Vinnie doesn't really want to hug me)
4. Jumping on my sisters... multiple times
5. Snuggling with my mom, because it is truly the best thing in the world.
6. Seeing the beautiful Janna Mast and attending a wedding where I will hug Carolina/Carrie/Caroline Yoder soon to be Macomber (i think-- are you taking his name?)
7. Eating good food.
8. Laying outside laughing and smiling until my hearts content.
9. Holding my soon to be adopted cat, Bennett--- unfortunately Alex Berry, aka future brother, is allergic to my sisters beautiful cat, so I am the lucky on that gets to spend the rest of my life with Bennett.

Until then... I need to get through Thursday--- then it's a 4 day weekend filled with babies, sisters, best friends, parents, and lots and lots of love. My most favorite thing in the world.

I can't wait to smooch your face off....

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