Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 things....

So when I traveled abroad in Ireland my Junior year at Bluffton my roommate and I decided we were going to blog about our experience. Her's was for future references for teaching, mine was.... well I got paid. I had been a blogger for a while at Bluffton and why not take it to NI and write about the magic I was around?! Anyway... we loved doing the top 10 list of the places we would go. Dublin, Scotland, Halloween in Derry... the lists would go on and on.

So tonight the first list of Pittsburgh will make it's blogging debut

Ten Reasons I love Pittsburgh
1. The charm.
2. The gorgeous skyline.
3. The structure of the houses--- take a look at Highland Park, Squirrel Hill, Friendship, Lawrenceville, literally the list goes on and on.
4. Union Project. It's now forever a part of my life.
5. The people. If you don't realize how small of a world we live in come to Pittsburgh and then find out.
6. The neighborhoods. All 90 of them (even though, I've yet to be in them all... I bet I love them already)
7. The food. Abay, Smiling Banana Leaf, NaCl, BrGr, People's, Trams, Church Brew Works.... ok, stop me now.
8. The feel of Pittsburgh. Have you ever been to a place and things just feel right. This place has that amazing vibe. I just can't explain it.
9. The green. Hello trees, parks, flowers. I've never been to a place that loved the outdoors as much as Pittsburgh. Sometimes it takes me back to my months in Ireland. Nothing can compete with my Emerald Isle, but this city comes pretty close.
10. The love. It sounds SUPER corny, but I walk outside everyday and can witness a whole lot of love.

Thank you Pittsburgh, for being a place that I can call home. Thank you for understanding that I am a Brown's fan and allowing us to have a love/hate relationship on that level. Thank you for bringing such amazing people into my life.

And to all of you who have yet to come and visit.... I hope this helps. :)

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