Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Apparently I wanted to take a little break from Blogging. I apologize to my 3 readers out there. (Maybe you've even given up on me.) I feel really sorry about that. I guess this can now just be that place where I bounce my random ideas around.
The Burgh is still treating me well. I appreciate my life daily. Especially today-- you see, it's raining like cats and dogs today and I have a home that has a roof with heat and electricity and 7 women to sit down to dinner with. Wow. How cool.

This past week there have been a lot of "firsts" for me in the PULSE house. I woke up at 7:30am on Tuesday..(i think i just heard my mother gasp) and I went running twice this week..(yes Hannah, actual running, with tennis shoes and my ipod and everything)and I threw on a potter's wheel (that totally came from left field--)
I'm not sure what caused this sudden, morning person who wants to jog/walk in the morning but it's me. I might blame the multi-vitamins that i'm taking in the morning now, but who knows... maybe it's time for me to begin to wake up with the rest of the world.

Things are truly going well. It's about time to begin to look into jobs, apartments, life after PULSE. It's been a scary realization but also one of the best.
So... I'm slowly but surely taking another step, but hopefully it will be another good decision. If not, Mom and Dad will always take me back!

Blessings to you
All my love-


Carrie Yoder said...

oh my gosh time is flying!!
any ideas as to what you'll do next?

rb2011 said...

I want to know how you make yourself get up early in the morning to run? I've alwasy wanted to get that rytheme in my life but I just can't seem to. Any tips?

Mark B said...

Thanks for posting! You are thought of and loved!

Anna said...

Getting up to run is always going to be a struggle for me.... but, I know that once I start--- there's something about jogging with my headphones and the fresh air-- hope it helps!