Thursday, April 15, 2010


Something that has been crossing my mind frequently is the idea of smells relating to memories. I think a lot of this is because Spring is here and flowers are popping up along with allergies for some people.
Yesterday I was walking out of my internship and laughed out loud because the weather and smell in the air reminded me of home. It was this warm breeze with a hint of lilac. I could close my eyes and picture sitting outside on my back steps. I got into my car and rolled down the window turned on the radio and started my drive back to Bluffton. Pulling off of the highway I caught the smell of gasoline from the tractor in front of me. I smiled as I thought back to the Shining Through Spring Break tour with a lot of stops being in gas stations for a regular fill up. Two days ago, the skies were clouded with a chance of rain… My gut reaction was to think about the days when I was 10 waiting for that one softball game to be cancelled so I could play in the rain… I call my best friend that morning to laugh about it. :)
The more I stopped to think about this idea of smells relating to memories, I started to question the sorts of smells that would relate me back to Bluffton in a few years. There will always be that distinct smell of Marbeck and Dining Services, but there will also be the smells of the first fall nights outside at the nature preserve. There will be the smell of the fresh cut grass on campus the week before May Day in preparation of the weekend full of activities. There will be the smell of popcorn that will relate back to The Shannon where we would get the deal on soda and a bucket of popcorn for the same price of the movie.

It’s strange what can trigger memories--- but this past week the smells have been doing that for me. :)

Blessings of Peace,

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