Monday, April 19, 2010

The beginning of the end…

Seriously, I told you back in the first blog of April that I apologize for the “sappy” blogs, but you have to expect this to come. =)

This past weekend was one where I didn’t sit down. Things are beginning to pick up on campus from events, to regularly scheduled friend time. My weekends start on Thursday Nights because Friday’s are my day off. =)
So, Thursday after dinner 5 friends got together to trek to the Whippy Dip in town! We actually took the LONG way, but we seemed to be ok with that. My camera became our entertainment and we took pictures, told stories from our day and laughed a lot. Friday morning, I was able to have my new “weekly” breakfast date with Janna, Derek, Jen and Joe. We spend our 7am morning with some Marbeck Breakfast and lots of laughs. After breakfast I wanted to jump back in bed, but it was so beautiful out, I took a little walk/run. I went to the nature preserve to walk around, soak up the sunshine and take a little time to reflect. I guess this past week I realized that the end of all this was coming up quick. It was the perfect way to kick off that realization of “the beginning of the end.” Friday night consisted of dinner with friends and then dancing!
On Saturday I was able to get off campus to attend an old friends wedding at a nearby town. My family drove over so it was nice to see them and watch someone dear to our hearts get married! Saturday night was filled with Hannah, and Megan time at the Flying J. We ordered pancakes, eggs, chicken fingers, and some water and just talked. What a blessing these women are in my life. =) From looking into the future, to listening to wedding plans, it was a night that was relaxing, but needed.

As I begin to make my way into my last full week of internship I feel refreshed and ready. Who knows if this feeling will last, but it sure does feel pretty good right now!

Enjoy the sunshine-
Blessings of Peace-

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