Monday, April 26, 2010

The Busiest of Weekends

One more “free” weekend left. It’s strange to think about where time goes after you hit a certain point. Last weekend I was busy working on things for my internship, planning bridal showers and finishing up last minute journals. This weekend— those particular events took place and at 11:00pm last night, I had nothing to do.

My weekend was filled with a lot of fun. From Friday night Live Band Karaoke to Saturday’s Ottawa River Clean-up and Sunday’s Shining Through party. I literally had a few minutes to breathe. But the best part, is that I was ok with that. I had fun this weekend, I spent time with friends and I cried (once again) over leaving this place that I’ve called home for the past 4 years.

Last night was my “last” Sunday Night Worship. This time the speakers were friends of mine talking about “senior reflections.” They talked about what they’ve learned, how they’ve grown and most of all a little advise. Some of it was funny, a lot of it was meaningful, and most of it hit home. My lovely friend Megan spoke of attempting to be content with uncertainty. Not knowing what she will be doing in a few weeks is terrifying, but she needs to also be able to live in the moment and not panic. Brendan, spoke of understanding everything that has brought you to the point where you are today… not just looking towards the future, but also acknowledging the people, circumstances and lessons that have gotten you where you are.

I’m not very good at “goodbyes.” I actually refuse to say them. My best friend moved to North Carolina and I always said that it was a “see you later,” not “goodbye.” But somehow when I looked around last night at the individuals in Chapel I realized that it was a goodbye for some of us. It has to be. I may not see these faces again, and that in its’ self is a bit sad. I received a letter yesterday from my lovely Shining Through-ers and one of the notes that hit me to the core said… “I hate that I’m writing this note… it means that I will be desperately missing you soon.” How true. I don’t think that people ever realize how much they impact my life… and with that small token of gratitude and love, I am forever affected.

So only a few more days left—and possibly a few more goodbyes.

Blessings of Peace-

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