Sunday, January 17, 2010

First week.... check done.

I made it, I don't think I would have without my friends. This past week was a hectic one. It was filled with a lot of driving, a lot of laughing, and most of all, happiness.
After a full week of internship at the Department of Community Development Friday was my day off. I spent if with sleeping a little later and some journaling. I basically had a date day with me. :) I spend a lot of time thinking about my internship, about how I was feeling and about what was to come. My weekend consisted of driving 3 hours to Camp Friedenswald in Michigan to have our first Shining Through service. We started out trip on Saturday and returned home to Bluffton on Sunday night. It was filled with sliding down a "tube run" playing endless games with the campers, singing our hearts out to our incredible Lord and little sleep. It was well worth the drive to watch this group of people that has worked so hard for things like this. I was so proud of this moment and couldnt express my own words. Things at Blluffton aren't always perfect, I know that, but they have been so much better because of my friends. They have become my family, and what a joy that is.

It was a long weekend, but I have the day off tomorrow. It will be filled with catching up on some homework. It will also be the beginning of week 2. :) A lot of the regular meetings come back into play, so juggling the meetings, internship, classes, and time for friends might be a bit more difficult that I have expected but it will and should be worth it in the end.

I have already started looking into "what comes next" after this year and that in itself is a challenge. My friends are already applying for graduate school, local jobs, figuring out what they will be doing for the summer, and I am just in a bit of a panic.... what a terrifying but exciting feeling. :)

I hope that you are all enjoying your week, and I hope to update you more on what is happening within the life of a Senior. ;)

Blessings of Peace,

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