Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying to keep up....

Well I honestly cannot believe that it is already November. October went by so quickly that I am afraid to see what will happen with this month. ;) It is funny to try and keep up with everything. There are some weeks when you are so busy that it is hard to sleep and then there are others when there is free time galore. This week seems to be one with a little more free time, but because of that time, I will be busy next week. Do you see where the problem is?? :) I believe I am overworked. Last night I was with a few friends and one said, "I wonder what college without homework would be like... because apparently we don't know."
Along with being busy, I am planning for my LAST semester at Bluffton. Where that time went, I will never know. Being a Social Work Major, my last semester is spend out at an internship around the area. This past week, I set up my first interview with a placement in Lima. It is scheduled for next week, so I will keep you posted on everything that happens with that. Other than keeping myself busy, and juggling semester things, I am beginning my search for what to do after graduation. It is that time and I should begin looking. On campus there is a wonderful resource, Kathy Dickson. She is the director of the CDC, Career Development Center. This woman is incredible, and nice. I am going to be scheduling a time to meet with her to go over my resume and talk about opportunities for next year. She should have a lot of information. It seems silly to start this process in November, but like I've said in the past few posts, time is flying by and I should hopefully try to stay ahead of the game in something.
This past week, I returned from a conference in NYC with MCC and the UN. This trip had a few bumps, but was incredible. I hope to post pictures when my camera is fully charged, and actually in my possession. Maybe next time??!?!

I hope you enjoy the Sunshine that is just coming up today (if you are close to Bluffton)
Blessings of Peace,

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